A Review of The Hot Wife and the Incubus by Eden Redd

The Hot Wife and the Incubus by Eden Redd

The Hot Wife and the Incubus by Eden Redd

Over time I have reviewed a lot of Eden Redd’s works, mainly because she writes quite a few stories that have either succubi or incubi, or both, characters appearing. While that does happen, a lot, the main problem with her stories comes to two things. One, the editing leaves a lot to be desired, and two, much of the erotica isn’t really erotica so much as it is porn.

What becomes more of an issue is when she writes a story, has a main character that really is interesting and offers something to think about, then reveals on the very last page why that is and doesn’t take that concept further. Erotica isn’t erotica without the characters, the story, and some depth to hold my interest, never mind the editing.

  • Title: The Hot Wife and the Incubus
  • Author: Eden Redd
  • Length: 32 Pages
  • ASIN: B01BLW9R90
  • Publishing Date: February 8, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Mary and David are a married couple and living the good life. Mary loves how David takes to her demands in and out of bed. For Mary, everything is bliss until David starts to become distant.

The stunning wife begins to worry that she have been too demanding and may be pushing her husband away. When she suspects David of cheating, her blissful life begins to unravel.

The wife confronts her husband with her fears and is shocked at what David has to tell her. He has been exploring the dark side of the city and propositions Mary with a kink she never thought they would explore together.

The couple visit the underbelly of the city to find a demon that will partake in their new and kinky journey. But can the wife and husband endure the lustful desires of the demonic incubus?

Will the demon take Mary for his own? Will David stand by as his wife is seduced by Incubus? Will Mary discover her own dark secrets about her hungry desires?

Mary is unique in that she’s almost always horny and needing to sate herself. Her marriage on the rocks, a suggestion by her husband leads to Mary meeting Dexter, an incubus in a club. When the three of them return home, Mary discovers that some truths are things she should have known from the beginning.

At the start there’s a fair bit of background and a little bit of character development that I thought was interesting, but rather than focus in that, the story moves quickly into a short scene of Mary self-pleasuring herself, then onto what amounts to a side trip into her thoughts and day. Then comes an encounter with her husband. By this time almost half the work has gone by and overall nothing really happens save for Mary thinking about sex almost all of the time.

Eventually the pair visit a “demon club”, which isn’t explained in any way at all as to how supernatural beings fit into this universe, they just do. There Mary gets carried away before encountering Dexter, the incubus of the story. He’s quite dominant, overtly sexual, and while not quite a stereotypical incubus, comes quite close to it on several occasions as the story moves back towards the main erotic passage.

That scene is, overall, porn more than erotica, goes over the top in a lot of ways and the heat in the scene doesn’t really come to the fore. It reads very much like “porn by the numbers” and while there are some hints of heat, the scene doesn’t burn as it should. Dexter displays some of his incubus powers, but he’s less of an incubus than a dominant male controlling a women while her husband watches. But it doesn’t have heat because the scene reads oddly, the characters’ dialogue seems almost robotic at times, and while Mary is used in all of the ways she needs to sate her hunger, there’s just a piece missing overall.

The work needs another editing because the dialog sounds odd, flat at times, and just reads wrong somehow from time to time. There are a number of spelling and grammar mistakes as well. The erotica reads more like porn than erotica and I found that, overall, not very hot at all. But the single thing that bothers me the most is the ending.

From the first page there was something about Mary being oversexed that, at least for me, made it obvious who and what she is. Given that there is an incubus in this work, I’ll leave the answer open, much as the author did. But if my theory is correct, then the author left an interesting plot to develop to the side, never explored it, and just off-handedly mentioned it on the final page. That felt like a afterthought and it shouldn’t be.

Telling that story, if not how it came to be, but what comes afterwards would make for an entire story on its own. I doubt that will ever happen because the author has a tendency to write a story, leave plots and characters dangling and never complete their story. This work could have been double the length and tell a complete story, but as soon as the main erotic event transpires, the author ends the story. It’s a shame really they do.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The dialogue at times sounds odd, the work needs another editing pass, and the erotica really could be a lot less porn-like and more erotica by far. The ending leads to an obvious work to follow, but I doubt that will ever happen. It’s a shame because after all of the delay in this work to get to the point, it left a lot of story behind never told.



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    • James on August 19, 2016 at 10:48 am

    Let’s see: incomplete story, no erotica, not even good porn, characters without real personalities (otherwise their dialogue would be better) or motivations, and an absence of editing or even, it would seem, proofreading.

    All there seems to be is a good premise. That would earn one pitchfork, I suppose . . . maybe.

    Did Your Majesty grant another pitchfork and a half for good cover art?

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