Aug 07 2016

A Review of Incubus by Zada Foxx

Incubus by Zada Foxx

Incubus by Zada Foxx

There are some works which seem to lost their way. Much of that comes from trying to turn a story into erotica, but then missing the mark. There comes a point where just because one has an incubus as a character that they decide there has to be some kind of over the top sexual situation that comes from it.

But the problem is… that’s stereotypical. More so when the events that unfold read like a poor porn movie, or even worse, seem to try to be a certain book that has ’50’ in it. Neither interests me, nor does it do anything to take a story somewhere that could have been more than just a poorly told BSDM tale.

  • Title: Incubus
  • Author: Zada Foxx
  • Length: 14 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 2, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Naomi was getting a fresh start in a new house when suddenly strange things started happening to her. A strange nightly intruder is interrupting her when she is most vulnerable – while she sleeps. As she prepares to rid herself of this nuisance once and for all, she starts to wonder if exorcising this visitor is what she really wants.

Naomi moves into a new home and finds herself being haunted. Learning of the home’s past, she tries to end the haunting, but then is confronted for what she has done. The price to be paid might be what Naomi wanted in the first place.

There was, at least in the first few pages, a story to be told. There were questions and there was the possibility of learning why things were as they are. But that didn’t come out in the end. One of the major questions left unanswered is why, exactly, Micheal, the incubus of the work, is one. I don’t accept the reason given, it’s silly, shoddy, and lacks imagination.

Micheal himself started out to be interesting, seemed to have at least some personality, but when the climax of the work comes, that disappears into a very over the top domination scene that left me cold. There’s nothing in the scene that gives any sort of real understanding as to why things are. At first blush, Micheal appeared to, at least to some extent, be rather benevolent, but at the midpoint of the work he becomes harsh, over the top, demanding and, for the most part, a stereotypical “evil” being.

Along the way, as he has his way with Naomi, a succubus appears for quite literally three paragraphs and then vanishes into thin air. She’s never named, only appears to slip in little lesbian porn and nothing more.

The erotica in this work is, quite simply, porn and really oddly written at that and it shouldn’t have been. The beginning of this work was written well, had a story to tell, and as that unfolded, there was some good characterization and plot to take onwards. The second half of the work seems like the author changed their mind in mid-stream and then wrote a hurried piece of porn leaving everything else behind.

I wonder about that, if there was a good reason why things turned so poorly when there was so much promise in the first place. I somehow doubt that, that in the end this work just seemed like the author gave up.

One pitchfork out of five.

It is a shame that the story had to take the turn it did right at the point when Micheal’s story could have been told, how he came to be an incubus and why. Then dropping a succubus in for a split-second, for no good reason, does nothing for the work as well. But most of all, why take what started as a few short hot pieces of erotica and turn it into what is simply a shoddy example of BDSM and then end things with an non-sensical ending? It just doesn’t work.



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