A Review of Stiletto by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Stiletto by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Stiletto by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

A review of the seventh and final work in the Succubus Apprentice series today on the Tale. You can find my review of the first work here, the second work here, the third work can be found here and the fourth work was reviewed here, with the fifth review here and the prior review can be found here, which was but a few short days ago.

Over the course of this series, and the prior one, there’s been an ongoing question surrounding Kendra. It’s a question that she’s been trying to avoid or ignore or dance around. But when push comes to shove, even succubi with quick footsteps can’t quite get out of the way of everything.

  • Title: Stiletto
  • Author: Dou7g and Amanda Lash
  • Length: 50 Pages
  • ASIN: B01JG0O26W
  • Publishing Date: July 31, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story tells of:

In this, the last book of The Succubus Apprentice series, Stiletto, a metahuman villain from another world is standing in as champion for Kendra the succubus, who is trying to free herself from her demon master. Megan the mage and Poison the assassin aren’t good at waiting and distract themselves with a mission against the collegium of mages who have a plan to put an end to Edmund and his war for books.

Some things in the universe are certain. For some that’s love, but in many different forms. Whatever form it takes, in whatever way, there’s a certainty that leads to one simple fact. Love makes people do crazy things. Even to the point of putting their lives on the line.

This, the conclusion of the series, follows two main stories, telling of hardships, battles, and the realization of what can be when one puts their mind to things. At the same time however, there’s nothing wrong with few wrestling moves and a boot to the head or two. Really, that’s the unique thing about the series. Things can be intellectual one moment and then an all out brawl the next.

Characters have emotion, wants, needs and they are not afraid to bring all of that into the open. Except of course when it has to do with their own relationships, then all bets are off. I liked where the characters find themselves at the end of this work, it isn’t expected for some, it’s challenging for others. Choices are made, some of them very difficult, and that keeps them from being static.

One of the themes in the story is that of self-belief. Seeing that reflected in several characters, Megan, Kendra, Stiletto, Helen, Poison, to name a few, is very telling about each of them. Having a glimpse of that, seeing what drives them has happened before, but here there’s something a little different. There’s a decision point for each, one that seems to tear at each of them and it makes for an better story overall.

Along the way, there is an appearance of a certain succubus named…Tera. Yes, that one. Red tail and all. She appears at a point that, for me, leads to a truth for Kendra, but also for the reader, which is heartfelt and deeply true… and she is Tera in that moment, beyond reproach. The tone is right, her words are right… Where things go from there… that’s a question left unanswered… for now.

The work closes on a few open threads, questions to be explored, secrets to be revealed. I think there is more to tell and where things end, for now, brings me hope there will be more of these characters that I adore. Good characters bring about good storytelling.

There’s a few minor spelling mistakes, very few really. I liked the pacing, the characters were everything I’m come to expect from them. The joy and laughter in the moments mixed with the pain and tears. Balanced, character growth, and a purpose. A lovely way to bring this part of the characters’ travels to a close.

Four and a half pitchforks out of five.

Quite a satisfying conclusion to the series which ties up quite a few plot threads, but leaves still more to be explored. I have to admit that what a certain red-tailed queen named Tera will teach a younger succubus has me wondering. I think that would have to start with the finer points about RediWhip… at least. But then comes Megan’s path, that for Helen, the secret that Phil doesn’t know. So many lives to be told, things to be explored and that makes me happy. Because there is story to tell and that’s the best thing of all.




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    • Dou7g on August 5, 2016 at 9:40 am

    Thank you O beautiful queen of the succubi, for allowing me to write you in for a cameo in this book, and for all of your reviews.

    I’m really glad you liked Bianca, and let her come play again in your world earlier this week.

    And of course, thank you for the reviews, encouragement, and especially thoughtful criticism which pushed us to try that much harder 😉

    I’m excited to see what Kendra, Tera and a can of redi whip get up to. Waiting with bated breath…

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    • James on August 5, 2016 at 2:06 pm

    Dou7g isn’t the only one . . .

    And I would tend to forgive the spelling errors, if just a few. My experience in editing is that, no matter how many times one proofreads, something slips past into the published version.

    I hope Dou7g and Amanda get to continue to let their characters live and play and grow. I suspect they may be as anxious as Your Majesty to see what comes next.

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