Aug 05 2016

A Review of Demonic Embrace by Amanda Knight

Demonic Embrace by Amanda Knight

Demonic Embrace by Amanda Knight

Just because an author can create an anthology of their works does not mean they can do so without giving a reader some sort of idea about what their collection is. Listing the titles of the stories is a start, but when you cannot locate those stories on the author’s page, that is a problem. Then not revealing the stories themselves, at least a short summary of them, is another mistake. More so, once the work begins to be read, the realization that the titles of the stories have been changed is another problem.

Further to this, coming to realize that the stories have been issued before, under other titles, makes one think they are being cheated slightly by the author doing so. Especially when the singular story in the work which has a succubus appearing in it, is one in which I was so very disappointed.

  • Title: Demonic Embrace
  • Author: Amanda Knight
  • Length: 167 Pages
  • Publishing Date: October 18, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work is the story of:

An anthology work containing: Dark Angel, Demon in Ireland, The Good Succubus and Taken by the blood.

Normally I review anthologies by reviewing the work with a succubus as one of the characters, then the collection as a whole. In this particular case, the work titled in the summary The Good Succubus, isn’t actually in this work. In fact, none of the titles listed actually appear at all. The author has changed the original titles of each of the works, then used another title for the summary and then still another title for the actual published works in the collection.

As such, I will focus only on the succubus story. While the summary titles this work The Good Succubus, the actual title in the anthology is The Good, the Succubus and the Monster. But this isn’t the original title of the work which was published by this author as Succubus Duel, and I have reviewed this work previously, and was really quite disappointed in it.

As I wrote in my review of this story previously, the summary of this story is: Paige finds herself facing the succubus Evestriel who is bent on taking her husband Conner’s life. Learning all she can, she comes to conclusion there is one way to save him and she makes a deal with Evestriel. The battle begins, but the outcome is the question unanswered.

The work is, as a whole, very well written, the characters are strong, have their own stories and there’s some wonderful heat when the erotica appears. Billed as romance, there is a good deal of that appearing in the story as well. There’s so much to like about this work in so many ways, but then, the last two pages just take away all of the story and left me wondering.

Evestriel is the image of a succubus through the story. Sexually powerful, controlling, very strong willed, She has a purpose, intends to have what she wants and drives towards that. There is a hint of her true form from time to time, slightly stereotypical, but that’s not done in a way that takes away from her character.

Both Paige and Conner are fully fleshed out characters as well, there are quite a lot of foibles in each, they are in love, and it’s that love which Evestriel pushes against using lust and passion to try to overcome them. That battle, how it unfolds is an amazingly good story and I loved each and every moment because there was purpose to both sides of the battle, Conner being held between the two.

However, as I have said, it is the last two pages of the work that, for me, feel completely unnecessary. The reason as to why Evestriel was after Conner makes sense from her perspective and I can accept that reason as it stands in the work. The problem is that the reason is suddenly dropped into the midst of the work, is not shown more than in passing, and leaves a really bad taste for me in the story. It feels, in many ways, as if the author decided to throw the twist into the story for the sake of doing so. For me, it doesn’t work.

If it had been explained more, if the reason would have been told more than a split second of realization by Paige and then the story closes, I would have accepted that more. As it stands here, I just felt the journey was not worth the ending. Something better needs to be here to make this work what it should be.

I’ll give this story three out of five pitchforks.

If the ending would have been explained, drawn out, something more than the single page that it comes to, then I would have liked this a lot more. But I can’t really because the ending just felt like an afterthought once all of the good in the story was done.

Being that nothing was changed in the story, and how really disappointing the ending was for me, my review of this story hasn’t changed. The balance of this anthology didn’t hold my interest very much and the main reason for that was knowing that I had read the singular story I was interested in before. The balance of the works didn’t connection with me and as such I didn’t find much that would cause me to raise my review.

I’ll give the collection as a whole two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The presentation of this collection needs some effort put into it. Revealing at least a summary of the stories would be a good start if nothing else.



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