Jul 30 2016

Another cute Succubus speedpainting YouTube

Just a cute bit of Succubus art being coloured in a YouTube speedpaint video today on the Tale. I think she’s just cute and cute is always a good thing really…


If you can’t see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:


And, as always, an image of the finished artwork as well in case YouTube deletes the original video…

Succubus by Michele Van Frey

More than anything, really the thing about this art that I like is just how she isn’t overtly sexual in nature, but rather she’s kind of a mixture of innocent and mysterious.

It seems to me that Succubi should be as mysterious as possible because that makes them all that must more seductive as well…



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    Not overly sexual, but sexual nonetheless. And, since the old song speaks of “Red Roses for a Blue Lady,” I wonder if, as she has settled into a bed of blue roses, there is someone red–or at least red-tailed–whom she hopes to draw into her seemingly-innocent mystery . . .

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