Jul 22 2016

A Review of Home In Her Arms by C.V. Walter and J.D. Rammer

Home In Her Arms by C.V. Walter and J.D. Rammer

Home In Her Arms by C.V. Walter and J.D. Rammer

There is such as thing as promise in a story. The promise of the characters, the promise of the story. Sometimes there is the promise of a succubus appearing, even if they only do so fleetingly and tangentially to the story itself.

In May of 2015, I reviewed a work by this author in which I commented on some issues I felt needed to be addressed in their writing. The work I am reviewing today is, apparently, set in the same universe as that prior work and the author has improved to an extent. There is story, there is not quite so much focus on erotica, but there still the minor problem of dropping in a succubus for no real reason.

  • Title: Home In Her Arms
  • Author: C.V. Walter and J.D. Rammer
  • Length: 44 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 11, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

It is the story of:

Rikett’s a soldier who’s been away fighting for someone else. When word comes that his village has been attacked, he rushes home to help. Half of his home is in pieces and the only person left is Solana, a girl he grew up with, and she doesn’t want his help.

So, what’s an elf to do but fight for his home… and her heart.

There are choices that Rikett needs to make. None of them are simple, save for one. It’s making that choice which will set out not just his future, but that of Solana as well. Together, their future will be more than they expected, and greater than others thought it would be.

The work, overall, is written better than the prior work and series that the author released, called Evil Sorceress In Training. In that series, there’s not much in the way of character development, plot or much in the way of anything succubus themed, save for one minor scene along the way.

There’s a connection in the main characters here, which is good, the erotica isn’t overpowering the story, which is also a good thing. But there’s still the problem of dropping a succubus into the story for really no good apparent reason.

There is a succubus in this work, though she is never really described other than being a succubus. Her name is never given, her reason for appearing isn’t explained. She simply appears at the end of the work as a means to give direction to some sort of ‘evil’ that the main characters will be facing. Assuming that this work leads into some sort of series.

As such, this isn’t much of a succubus themed work. The succubus is a tease, a thought, a passing idea and then the work comes to a close. She’s a very minor character making an appearance… just because.

Overall, the work offers an interesting start to a series, there’s some good plots to carry forward, but if this work goes off in a direction that’s more focused on sex than story, it would be disappointing. The author’s note suggests there’s the possibility of something more to come. As things stand, the succubus isn’t so much a character as she’s an idea, not fleshed out. From the perspective of anything succubus themed, there isn’t. That’s not to say there might be, eventually, possibly.

Three out of five pitchforks.

An interesting story with some promise for a series, but this isn’t a succubus story. There is a succubus here that only promises to be part of the story, but really isn’t. Perhaps the author will continue things forward, that is unclear from their comments at the end of the work. If so, we’ll see what comes. The name of the succubus for one would be a good place to start.



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    Oh, but there is a purpose to the story: Your Majesty’s review. This succubus completed her assignment–getting that review–without even twitching her tail. *winking*

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