Jul 19 2016

A Review of My Best Friend is a Succubus 2: Book Two: Coven by Amanda Clover

My Best Friend is a Succubus 2: Book Two: Coven by Amanda Clover

My Best Friend is a Succubus 2: Book Two: Coven by Amanda Clover

A review of the second work in the My Best Friend is a Succubus series by Amanda Clover. I reviewed the first work in the series earlier this year, and you can find that review here. I felt that the series had some promise, even if some of the moments and characters were slightly stereotypical in how they were presented. But there was something about the work that gave me hope that the next book would turn towards something more interesting.

Sometimes you need help. There come a moment when there is no where else to turn, no where to run. In that moment you discover who really matters to you, why they do, and what that means. Not everything has a price, but rather comes with a promise.

  • Title: My Best Friend is a Succubus 2: Book Two: Coven
  • Author: Amanda Clover
  • Length: 50 Pages
  • ASIN: B01HYRL25S
  • Publishing Date: July 3, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Faith’s boring life has been turned upside down!

Faith Granger has learned that having a sex demoness as a best friend makes life a lot more complicated. Soul-sucking bombshell Morgana and Faith are on the run from a mysterious group calling themselves the Holy Inquisition who are hunting the powerful magical codex in Faith’s possession.

Faith enlists the aid of a seeker demon to locate potential allies at a demonic coven, but will the coven really help them or will the hedonistic demon worshipers be too busy with their orgy?

Faith is lucky and unlucky. On the good, or at least naughty side, is Morgana, the Succubus she summoned. On the bad side are a group looking for her and the book she used to summon Morgana. Running away leads to conflict and with that comes one certainty. Faith needs faith in herself and Morgana.

The work follows immediately from the prior work in the series which means the story immediately rushes headlong into Faith being in a very bad situation. There is a bit of a summary in Faith’s thoughts as the story begins which tells of what she’s been through and her summoning of Morgana. It’s not really an info dump and I think it worked well all things considered.

The story follows Faith as she tries to deal with a threat, a promise and the need to find, somewhere and somehow, a kind of protection that Morgana insists that she needs. There’s actually very little seen of Morgana in this work, though there are some moments in which her understanding of the present is shown to be lacking, that there are some things that can hurt her, and very badly as well. In one scene there is a moment when Morgana loses control and in that moment comes the question as to exactly what her motive are.

The story is mostly an action.mystery with a little bit of erotica dashed in at times. Some of Faith’s scenes, the things she does, are quite telling about her character and I rather liked them for showing how she’s changed her perspective and character. There’s a feeling that Morgana’s influence is changing her, or at least making her more open to sexuality as a whole. Whether that results in Faith becoming a succubus in time as well is questionable, but a thought nonetheless.

A bit of the plot is well over the top, almost stereotypically so, but it does manage to drive the plot and story forwards. A new group is presented, they entwine themselves with Faith and Morgana, and then the story takes a sharp unexpected turn which leads into a cliffhanger ending.

Overall, I think this work is good, but the prior was better overall in the story telling and the focus on Faith and Morgana. In this work there are a lot of new characters dropped Ito the story and it’s not clear what their purpose is exactly. I have an idea, but, again, if the stereotypical answer is the right one, that will be disappointing,

There is a scattering of some hot flashes of erotica in the work, most of which really didn’t have very much heat to them. Overall, much of the erotica did make me wince at what was going on, more so when some rather poor things happened to both Faith and Morgana. In that, especially for Morgana, the events draw her towards something that  I think she really isn’t, that being a stereotypical succubus. The scenes feel that way, I know there’s a reason for that, but there has to be something more to Morgana than what she’s shown so far.

While Faith’s character did develop in the story, Morgana really didn’t so much as react to the situations she was placed in. I would like to see more about Morgana, who she is, why she has made the choice she has, There’s a secret behind that smile and I’d like to know what that is.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The story wasn’t overcome by the erotica, but it was pushed aside for the new characters, threats, and plot that developed. It’s a bit of a shame as the story is about Faith and Morgana, and it didn’t really develop much. Hopefully in the next work that will happen.

The story here is the relationship between Morgana and Faith. Taking the series back to that core story I think would help a lot.



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