Lesson Plans – Part Three By TeraS

Part Three today of Adelle’s story, where things take a little bit of a turn. One is always learning; really, one can never stop. There are moments along the way, however, when the thing learned isn’t what one expected. Not everything taught comes out as one expects, even if one has …


Lesson Plans
Part Three
By TeraS
For Adelle


Individuals from the Realm are sexual beings, there is no question about that. But sex alone, no matter how passionate, thrilling or breathtaking, cannot fulfill all they are. Some—like a particular yellow tail, the brightest seen in centuries—happen to love books. Others, like a certain blue tail, love tending to their gardens. Then there’s that one specific red tail with ebony hair who has a thing about learning about one specific thing that she mulls over in her thoughts and discusses with every soul she encounters.

That might sound a bit vague, but, when one realizes that soul happens to be Tera, things become a little bit clearer. The definition of what that thing is, however, probably isn’t what you might ever imagine.

At that moment, Adelle really wasn’t thinking much of anything. Her Queen had asked, several times, how she could help, what was wrong, if there was something she could do to make things better. Being awash in her thoughts, and, if she had the presence of mind to realize, more than slightly overwhelmed by them, not to mention awed in Tera’s presence, Adelle didn’t resist when the red tail wrapped an arm about her. Adelle nibbled her lip at being so close to her idol again. The red tail wrapping about Adelle’s hips brought a blissful little sigh of pleasure.

She didn’t quite catch what Tera was saying, though she did manage to settle into the chair that Her Majesty guided her to. There was a little ache, a tingle that fluttered through her soul as the green-eyed beauty held her hand, gazed into her blue eyes. The fantasies came, the second lesson once more making itself known.

Tera’s passion for those she loved was infinite. Her passion was a many-splendored thing, without limits, without concern. Passion and love simply were. The offer was for always and always would be so.

Adelle felt her Queen’s hand slip away, the touch ebbing away. It took a little while to find her bearings again, and, when she did, Adelle found herself seated at an outdoor patio … alone. She looked about, slightly confused. Tera had been there, hadn’t she? There was a little bit of loss that nibbled at her soul; the thought that maybe Tera hadn’t been there was troubling.

A slim hand, tipped with red nails, appeared from one side, placing a mug on the table, the aroma of hot chocolate with an undercurrent of cherries mixed in filled the air. “Here, you look like you need this.”

As Tera settled into her own chair at the table, Adelle cupped her hands about the mug, her thoughts crashing into her memories. The bluenette beauty loved being one of the succubi. The sex was amazing. The Realm was, if not her playground, then certainly overflowing with a myriad of things to keep her amused and occupied. Her days were filled with excitement and discovery.

But why wasn’t she really happy?

That question had brought her to see Tera. The first place she looked was at the Palace, because, obviously, the Queen would be there.

When she asked to see Tera, however, the two guardians at the gates replied that Her Majesty wasn’t at the Palace that day. They mentioned that she was off on an errand for a dear friend—at least, that’s what Adelle thought they said. It was a bit difficult to think considering how delicious these two specimens of Realm incubi and succubi appeared. The comment that she might have better luck at the Realm Library seemed odd, but Adelle went on her way to investigate. As she approached, she remembered that Tera was the Head Librarian, which she found both perplexing and confusing. Tera was the Queen, so why would she be a librarian as well?

The question swirled in her thoughts right up to the point when she bumped into a yellow-tailed succubi, one with the brightest yellow tail Adelle had ever seen. Her name was Miriam; she was the cutest thing Adelle had seen by far, and she introduced herself as the Assistant Librarian to Her Majesty. Adelle had to admit that she was slightly surprised about that, but brushed the thought aside to ask if Tera was present.

Miriam explained that the Queen had been there, a bit earlier, browsing the library. Sadly, Adelle had just missed her.

Adelle’s thoughts were mulling over where to look next, and she missed Miriam commenting that, when she asked what Tera needed, the answer was: “Something for a friend.”

Seeing that Adelle looked a bit lost, Miriam offered that she might want to have a look for the red tail at home: “Really it’s her favourite place of all, you know.”

And so it was that Adelle found herself standing at the foot of a path that led to a simple red brick home, an odd fence to one side, with the gate open. Sitting there on the front porch was Tera … of course.

A wave of greeting and Adelle soon found herself hugged, then asked how she was. It was one of the things about Tera: she never really talked about herself, it was always the one that came looking for her that mattered most.

Settling her guest into a comfortable chair, the Queen handed her a mug of hot chocolate, which Adelle took gratefully. Then Tera simply … waited.

It was some time before Adelle spoke: “I’m … a bit lost.”

“You’re not lost.”

“Okay, then how about I lack direction?”

“I’ve always thought that taking a right turn at Albuquerque generally gets you where you are going.”

A long sip was followed with: “Tell me something, Tera: is your hobby coming up with catch phrases?”

Tera’s so-green eyes twinkled with mirth: “Oh, that’s my second hobby. My first is helping souls find what they are looking for.”

With that, Tera reached behind her and then offered Adelle a leather-bound book: “Here, you look like you need this.”

The book was old—dearly old—so old that Adelle feared the cover would crack and the pages would fall out if she wasn’t careful. Gingerly putting the book down, she looked at her mentor oddly: “What is it?”

“Let me tell you a story.”

“Do I need more to drink?”

Tera laughed: “Oh, no: you’ll be fine with what you have. You might need a stronger drink after, but that’s your problem, not mine.”

Shaking her head, Adelle continued to sip at her mug, her eyes flickering between Tera and the book.

“The Realm has many different souls. Each one has her own path, his own destiny. They live and learn, love and discover. Not all of the paths are simple. There are some that are dangerous, some covered with mistakes made or chances not taken.”

Adelle reflected on this truth. She could see her own life, her own wants and needs. How things she’d thought impossible for someone like her, were possible if she only tried.

“Once upon a time there was a certain soul that loved magic. She thought the magician shows were captivating, that their feats of magic were real, even if they were mainly just slight-of-hand tricks or very special illusions.”

Adelle had a small smile as Tera continued: “She tried to find magic in her world. To touch the mysteries of magic, to feel them caress over her hands, tickle over her skin. She learned, she became familiar with magic, with what it offered. But magic and this soul didn’t quite get along well.”

The smile waned a bit, just slightly: “Then, one day, this soul met a certain soul with green eyes that offered her something that wasn’t magic … but it was … magical.”

Adelle shook her head, recalling the moment when Tera had walked into her life. Tera did have a way, in a few words, to say more than most could. It was … magical.

“The soul admitted that she wanted to be a sorceress, that it was her dream.” Tera tapped the cover of the book with one finger: “You’ve lost that dream, Adelle. You’ve been sidetracked a little, much of that being my fault, I think.”

Shifting in her chair, Adelle replied with a sly smile: “I think I’ve lost count of the orgasms.”

“Really? I must be losing my touch.”

“Oh, heck no!”

The red-tail smiled, then nodded at the book: “Once, a very long time ago, there was one of the succubi that devoted herself to magic. She became a sorceress, a powerful one. Few could match her power. She melded the power of magic and the power of the succubi. She was … special.

The wistfulness in that single word made Adelle’s tail curl about her calf and squeeze.

“If you want, her book is yours.”

“I thought you were talking about me?”

Tera just smiled: “Who says I wasn’t?”

The memory faded, and Adelle found herself looking at Tera: “Sorry. My mind was wandering.”

The brunette had that bemused smile again: “It happens. Was it a good memory?”

Adelle thought about the book, how it wasn’t old and worn anymore. But then, neither was she. Tera had given her something to strive for, to be more than she was. Her Queen had offered the chance to be more, so much more.

“Yes. They all are.”

Lesson Three: Tera offered possibilities.

The next lesson was the one that Adelle needed to teach herself.


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    • Aria on July 18, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    Sometimes its good to have someone around to hold a mirror up and show us what we forgot about or rather what is in ourselves.

    Tera seems good at this… its a natural gift and one I know I have needed from time to time.

    glad for her and for Adelle.


    • avatar
    • James on July 19, 2016 at 1:49 am

    I know my Dear One is always holding mirrors up for me, and, in doing that, she makes me complete.

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