Jul 13 2016

Not the most inspiring of Devil Costume Accessories

Fever Devil KitAnother example today on the Tale of some accessories that one might consider with a costume to make it a bit better than it otherwise would be. The thing is that the name of these accessories really doesn’t seem to fit well for me.

This is called the Fever Devil Kit, and it comes with the horns and the wings the model is wearing here in a rather uninspiring way. The accessory “kit” sells for $24 US.

If nothing else, I suppose that showing the accessories in the most unflattering way possible does allow for someone to know what they are buying, what it looks like, and as a whole, what to expect.

However, it also makes it quite clear that there’s something lacking here. The wings look rather half-finished, the horns are not anything special either.

That’s not to say this couldn’t work with some of the more bland looking costumes that have popped up from time to time on the Tale. It’s just that I don’t believe there’s anything in this for me at least.

I’ll give this one and a half pitchforks out of five.

There are better accessories, I’ve shared them before, and I probably will again…



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