Jul 04 2016

Lesson Plans – Part One By TeraS

Sometimes there is a comment made that, for me, tickles a story that needs to come out and play. A short time ago, such a comment was made and it nurtured the idea of Tera being a teacher to a new member of the succubi … But that, of course, means there has to be …


Lesson Plans
Part One
By TeraS
For Adelle


In the Realm, there are, on occasion, some succubi and incubi that need a bit of … let’s call it extra tutoring in becoming who they are becoming. One does not simply snap one’s fingers and become, after all. While they will have horns and tails upon their “becoming,” not all of them have the self-control needed within themselves. Or they might need a little encouragement to be all they can possibly be.

Or, sometimes, the problem isn’t what they can’t do, but rather what they could.

One of these was Adelle. She had, quite a short time before, accepted Tera’s offer to enter the Realm. She was a black tail, which meant she was quite dominant in her personality and appearance, but it meant more than that. Adelle loved to wear black, usually preferring leather corsets and skirts. High heels were her favourite, though she did, on occasion, wear a particular pair of thigh high leather boots that did wonders for her legs. Amongst all of the black, her blue hair was a river that cascaded over her shoulders and back, a striking contrast to the dominant black she presented. Piercing blue eyes, almost the same shade as her hair, were quite captivating to those that, whether knowing or unknowing, fell into her clutches and became intimate with her. The corsets she loved hugged her curves, drawing attention to her ample shape. She was, in every way, as the saying goes, “stacked.” Her pale skin, awash in the black, meant her cleavage was amplified well beyond her natural D-cups.

She had everything going for her, to be quite an impressive Mistress of the Succubi… except for one thing she couldn’t manage. Having not been able to work things out on her own, Adelle found herself needing some tutoring. There was only one person that could possibly help: Tera, the Queen herself.

And that was the first problem. Adelle really didn’t want to ask for help at all, being as proud as she was, being an imposing personality, being that she was strong, capable, and willful, she especially didn’t want to appear to Tera admitting: “I need some help.” Asking for help, even if it was the best thing to do, and would be the answer to her problems, would mean admitting she was weak and admitting that to Tera … well … that bothered her a lot.

Tera wasn’t weak. She was the Queen. More importantly, in Adelle’s eyes, Tera was everything that she aspired to be. Tera was, if Adelle was being honest to herself, the only person that she would even think of submitting to. Because Tera was … well … Tera.

And that was the second problem. Adelle knew that she would have to submit to Tera’s wishes, whiles, and more to learn what she needed to. While she was part of the Realm, she also knew that Tera didn’t push Adelle one way or the other. She had allowed Adelle to discover herself, to learn as she wanted to, mistakes and all. Now she would have to ask Tera to take her by the hand and guide her though this minefield she found herself in.

Adelle was mulling all of this over when she quite literally bumped into Tera …

… carrying a takeout cup of hot chocolate …

… and spilling it all over the sidewalk when Adelle walked straight into her.

Adelle found herself looking into Tera’s so-green eyes and not being able to look away. The emerald depths called out to her, making her ache to be held by them. Her breath caught as Tera’s particular scent—that of cherries—tickled her nose and made her sex flutter as she remembered an earlier encounter …

“Adelle … look over here, sweetheart.”

It was mere moments after Adelle had surfaced from the Lake of Fire, the waters clinging to her curves, dripping from her bosom and hair. She caught Tera’s voice calling out to her and looked towards the shoreline where Tera awaited her. She had been attracted to Tera before; really, that first chaste kiss they had shared when they had met sealed Adelle’s fate. Now, transformed by the ceremony she had freely accepted, her connection to Tera’s power made her ache. She felt her tail moving in the waters behind her, felt her horns throbbing to each of Tera’s words. She drew her tongue over her lips, a needful little whine escaping her lips.

“Adelle … come to me …”

For an instant, her confused mind thought that Tera said ‘cum,’ and the heat in her core flared at the thought … of being entwined with Tera, curve to curve, lips touching, tongues entwined… skin hot against skin. Rational thought was the last thing on her mind. The only thing that mattered was to draw closer to Tera’s lovely, sensual voice—to walk, crawl, run, whatever. Just to be able to touch her would be bliss. To feel Tera’s fingers raking over her skin in passion. To give herself … anything …

Her vision cleared as the waters of the lake dripped away from her eyes and that heat burned even brighter now.

There are very few things more alluring than Tera in the nude, her arms open in love, waiting, offering her devotion and passion. Adelle wept at the emotions she could feel now, never knowing before how much Tera loved her, accepted her, would do anything for her. When Tera crooked a finger to attract Adelle, she started to walk through the surf to the red-tailed brunette, hands playing over her curves, toying with her navel, tracing patterns over her thighs. She was biting her lips, the need within growing more and more with every step she took. The waters could not dampen her heat and, as Adelle made her way out of the Lake, she paused on the edge of the shoreline, looking at her Queen.

“Welcome home, Adelle … I’ve been waiting for you.”

The tears came now with the heat, Adelle falling weakly into Tera’s arms. Sobbing at the love, the acceptance that resonated within her, Her Majesty’s body pressed against her own, the Queen’s own heat warming Adelle, calming her aching need within, changing it from a rolling boil to a steady simmer, one that would never quite fade away within her. There were hot little butterfly kisses against her cheek as Tera whispered everything was fine, there was nothing to fear, she was safe now in her arms: “Shhhh … It’s okay … I’ll look after you.”

That was the first lesson Adelle learned: Tera would never leave her, never judge her, always love her … forever …

Adelle came out of her memories as Tera asked: “Are you alright?”

Of course, her Queen was there, as she always was: long red jacket, ankle boots, black pants and bandeau top, the singular thing that could always be counted on. Tera was always there when she was needed.

Adelle’s whisper, to her, was almost a shout: “I need you, Tera, please. Help me!”

Tera’s embrace, with the stroking of fingers against Adelle’s cheek, brought something that Adelle hadn’t been able to find herself: calm acceptance of herself and her needs.

“Of course, sweetheart … Tell me: how can I help?”

Lesson one: Tera loved you.

The next lesson was one that would be a little harder to deal with …

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