A cute little animated Succubus YouTube

A very short, but very cute animation of a Succubus that I found on YouTube today. This is really a sort gf demonstration of a piece of software more than anything else, but I thought she looked interesting nonetheless…

If you cannot see the YouTube here on the Tale, please try this link:


And, in case YouTube removes the video, here is an image of the Succubus herself…

OTK Succubus

The Morrigan Aensland influence is quite obvious of course, but she isn’t quite Morriganesque. I do like her expression, that does really look nice. I think she has hooves, at least they sort of look like them. Just about the skimpiest outfit I’ve seen in some time on a video character as well.

I do wonder if she would make for a good game character in some way however… Of course the question is what sort of game that would be…



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