An interesting Succubus art concept

Still looking through Etsy, looking for Succubus art and other things as I do from time to time. In doing so, I come across various listings for things that make me cringe. Some are “spells” others are “potions” and the like. Of course all of them are listed as “entertainment” and, as well, they cost at times as much as some of the perfumes that you would find in one of the more high end stores.

They are, however, a good source of one thing that they all seem to share. In every case there is some sort of Succubus or similar art that is used to advertise the item for sale. In one of these I notice this work of art.

Succubus by Jinwan Park

Succubus by Jinwan Park

Now, I have to admit that I think she is a Succubus, though that is very hard to be sure of. She might be some other sort of devil or other creature as well. As such, it’s one of the reasons why she isn’t a Succubus of the Week.

If anyone has any sort of good answer about this, please do leave a comment so I can make up my mind about her.

Getting past that, her boots are quite unique, I like her overall look, and she has the most interesting expression. She does have head wings, which usually means a Succubus or other devil most of the time when I have seen them in anime. The two wing/familiars/creatures to either side of her I think look like wings, which again is something quite unique.

But is she a Succubus? I’m just not completely sure. I think so, and as such I’ll have to ponder this further sometime as a story concept…



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