Jun 05 2016

A Review of Slaves of Destiny by Leia Shaw

Slaves of Destiny by Leia Shaw

Slaves of Destiny by Leia Shaw

It is important that there is a connection between characters. There needs to be something that speaks to who they are, the needs and desires they have. But the better story is how they relate to each other and what they will do for the other’s sake.

There will be misunderstandings, confusion and some stumbling. But at the same time, when push comes to shove, making a choice can mean finding a soul mate.

  • Title: Slaves of Destiny
  • Author: Leia Shaw
  • Length: 62 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: December 16, 2013
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work is about:

More than a hundred years ago, the last nymph tribe was hunted to near extinction. Only one frightened girl escaped. Seraphina.

During a soul-searching expedition, philosophy professor, Bodhi, comes across an ethereal creature bathing in a waterfall. She’s both playful and beautiful and soon he finds himself bewitched. The fantasy crumbles when a winged figure steps from a portal and steals away the girl. Drawn to help her, he follows them into a world of nightmares.

Bodhi is in search of himself, going off into the depths of the wilderness in order to do so. Encountering a strange woman that speaks of being a Nymph, he thinks her to be odd at first. But seeing an incubus take her forces a decision and with that comes the answer he has been looking for all of his life.

The work is a really interesting mix of innocence, understanding and realization between both main characters. It becomes more so when Bodhi has to make a choice, and in doing so figures out what matters to him the most. Seraphina us just so very cute in her innocence, but also there’s a strong undercurrent of seeing, and knowing, more than someone like her should ever have to.

There are two incubi in the story, one is a rather thin character who’s story isn’t told, nothing really is learned about him other than he was hunting for Seraphina in order to sell her at auction. There’s some character there, but it is more of a “bad guy” level of characterization. The other… Well, that’s quite a surprise and a story in itself.

Needless to say, the second incubus really does matter and while I think the means to their appearing is a bit strange, I did enjoy how a lot of the problems that came from this were dealt with in the story. At some points it was a bit over the top, but there was still an undercurrent of cute and fun.

The erotica in this work is a lovely little hot flash at one point and a somewhat harsher, more wild encounter at the end. Bot work in their moments, if slightly strange from reading Seraphina’s perspective of things. Mixed into that, and a bit confusingly, was the number of supernatural beings that “needed” sex, and in the case of incubi, and one assumes, succubi, the “craving” that overcomes them needed to be explored a little more than it was.

That point wasn’t really explored and it does matter to the story overall. Considering just how focused Seraphina was, being a Nymph, putting that point out and not really developing it other than her growing need left a bit of subplot dangling. However, the connection between Seraphina and Bodhi is intense, clear, and when their thoughts are told, it feels right to who they are, where they came from and what each of them needs.

The ending does tie things up well, leaving the work on a lovely joyful point, but I felt like it also didn’t give rise to something more. There were comments, suggestions made, of the aftermath for both of them, and just the little hints really made me want to know what happened, how it all played out. After all of the detail, the time spent in putting the characters together, the race to the end, as perfect as it is, needed to be more I felt.

Well told, two wonderfully lost and found characters that tell a story that is just so much fun in the right moments and just as difficult in others. I would have liked to know more about incubi and for that matter, succubi in this universe. Calling them “sex creatures” felt a little bit of a cop out. I realize they aren’t the focus of the work and all, but still it would have been more interesting a tangent than “they need sex” and not much else.

Three and a half pitchforks out of five.

A cute, fun romantic story with some odd but interesting twists. The ending, while feeling right for the characters was too short and I wished there had been more. A little more detail about what being an incubus really means I think would have been nice and expanding on the ending as well would be have been too. Still, the story is deliciously innocent and wanton at the same time and that’s quite the thing to accomplish.



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