Succubi Image of the Week 437

There are those pieces of Succubi art that simply have something within them that’s unique. A look, an expression. Perhaps the pose, the style, something more. Sometimes you can’t quite say what it is exactly that made you notice that particular piece of art…

Rei by Grimoire-Noir

Rei by Grimoire-Noir

This art is called Rei and is by the artist Grimoire-Noir whom you can find on DeviantArt here and the original page where I found this art can be seen here.

I adore line art, and in this case there’s simply so much detail, so much character here by far. She is a lovely sensual Succubus, whom I simply adore for her expression, her look, and all in all there’s just a presence about her that just… works.

She has some softness to her expression, but as well there’s an underlying current of power, control, perhaps even a little bit of concealed dominance that is lurking behind her eyes…

A lovely Succubus image most of all…




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    • Elliot on June 2, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    As was the case with a previous Succubus artwork from some weeks ago, there’s something about the… carapace-like or scale-like quality of her attire that suggests some kind of “feral” aspect. It’s offset by her expression, however, which makes this artwork particularly interesting.

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    • RKBKirin on June 3, 2016 at 10:41 pm

    Very cool picture. The hard armor is contrasted well with the softness of the character’s hair and demeanor.

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