May 25 2016

I’m not sure I see the alluring in this costume

Alluring Dark Devil CostumeAnother example of a costume who’s name I find hard to connect to the costume itself. Still, perhaps there’s more to this than is obvious at first glance.

This is called the Alluring Dark Devil Costume, it sells for $25 and, like last week’s costume, there’s really no other information about it available.

For those that might have noticed, yes, this is in fact the same costume as last week’s, the only difference being that this one has no red at all.

In truth, I like this version slightly better than the first one mainly because the black works together. The horns are still lousy, the overall look is still trashy and I’m not overly fond of it.

But really removing the red changes the overall look and if nothing else, that helps this look slightly less trashy.

Still nothing that I would buy, it still gets a low mark.

Two pitchforks out of five.

At least it doesn’t look completely wrong in all aspects which is something…



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    Do agree the all black coloring does make it look a little better.

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