A Review of Sex Fiends by Linc Jericho

Sex Fiends by Linc Jericho

Sex Fiends by Linc Jericho

I came across a new book series called the Writ of the Succubus which, at least in the opening work of the series, isn’t anything like I was expecting. The questions are many, the characters are quite fascinating, but as for any real answers, that is another thing all together.

Sometimes in the telling of a story the characters and their secrets are what holds a reader. Other times it is trying to understand what exactly is going on and why. But then comes stories in which the actual point of the series, its purpose, what comes next remains a murky mystery.

  • Title: Sex Fiends
  • Author: Linc Jericho
  • Length: 19 Pages
  • Publishing Date: May 20, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Episode 1: Maddic Roche, Dr. Victoria T. Jonckers, and The Hensing Study on Charisma, Attraction, and Sexuality. In which Maddic encounters the lux and reveals what happened to him while stationed in Vietnam in 1962.

A story of an interview, an attraction, a need and a mystery. Not everyone and everything is as they seem to be and the world sometimes hinges upon things said but not understood.

The work mainly is told as an interview between the two main characters and how truth is drawn from each of them. It’s really well done, there’s a strong psychological aspect to the work, and in being so it feels very real and very focused upon the seeking of truth from both characters. The story unfolds in a way that has quite a lot of underlying sexual tension between them, but doesn’t really delve into what exactly is happening.

There’s quite a lot of innuendo, the narrative seems to be as if this moment was being seen from the future and remembered in a way. As such, there’s a lot of knowledge hinted about, but not explained of expanded on. So as things happen, and references are made, there just seems to be something missing or something to be revealed in a later part of the series.

There is no erotica really in this work, save for some passing thoughts from the main characters. There seems to be hints that one might be a succubus and the other be an incubus, but this is never explored. Certainly the powers that they have suggest some mind control aspects, some means to enthral others to their will, and there is a bare hint of some sort of otherworldly aspect to the story.

It is a conversation, one that goes in many directions, seemingly without focus, but finally as the conclusion appears there is a point to everything it seems which puts the most remarkable spin on not just the characters, but the world in which they live. But even with the revelation, the work has a difficult time finding its footing and moving on with the story. While this is the way the characters are written, and it is their own foibles, the work needed some emotion and context to bring out the characters more than they were.

That’s not to say this wasn’t interesting, for it was. As the opening to the series it does leave a lot of questions to be answered and seeing what this all means will take some time I expect. As for the question of this being about succubi or incubi… at least from this first work that question is still a mystery.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A somewhat confusing beginning, characters that are mysteries upon themselves. There is something here that I would like to find the answers for, but to say this series tells of a succubus, or incubus is in the eyes of the reader. I’m not sure and I’ll reserve that thought for what comes next I think.



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