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One of the things that is difficult to find is art of Succubi that shows them to be, as must be sometimes, warriors. I don’t mean the stereotypical bikini armour and so on. I mean a Succubus that has power within her, is poised for battle, and is in all things and in all ways, prepared to do so. Strength of character comes first in a Succubus like this… and this art I think has that strength within…

Demoness by Llyncis

Demoness by Llyncis

This work is by the artist Llyncis on DeviantArt and you can find the original page where I found this art here and this artist’s page can be found here.

The main thing about this art comes to simply the presence shown in this character. She has a presence, a will, a purpose. It is in her look, her poise, how she holds herself amongst the chaos around her.

While she has that presence there is also the underlying theme of being more than she was, or is, expected to be. Imagine a Succubus told that she was not a warrior, not meant for battle. That her purpose was not to defend, to act. Imagine overcoming that belief, not just from those around you, but within yourself.

Overcoming expectations, becoming purpose within oneself is special. This art tells that story and more…



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    • Elliot on May 19, 2016 at 11:14 pm

    I fear you may have to forgive me, Dearest… for at the time I’m writing this, I’m coming off the results of not only drinking a noticeable amount of alcohol, but trying to make my way through the effects of experiencing a few sobering stories that hit a little harder than expected.

    But… speaking as a man who has been told, and is told, time and again… that a man isn’t meant to be kind… caring… sympathetic… compassionate… understanding… or considerate, especially when any of that is needed the most… I can very much appreciate the sentiment you’ve spoken of.

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