Succubi Image of the Week 434

A lovely Morrigan Aensland artwork today on the Tale for the Succubi of the Week. I have had the thought from time to time what a movie poster for a Morrigan Aensland film might look like.

I think, as a whole, this would be a good place to start…

Morrigan by SB-Mario

Morrigan by SB-Mario

This work is by SB-Mario, an artist on DeviantArt. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page can be found here.

The thing about this art, more than anything else, is how the artist has an air of seductive fun about Morrigan and places her in a frame that just makes sure she is the focus of all of the attention here. Her expression, the way she is gesturing towards the viewer, just makes this very eye catching.

I also like that Morrigan isn’t over endowed, or looks too cartoonish here. She looks, in a way, realistic and I think that really sets this art apart…



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