It’s certainly striking as a costume, but what is it?

Fever Devil CostumeGenerally, at least I think so, when one is wearing a costume, succubi, devil or otherwise, it should be fairly clear what it is you are trying to project as to what you are. Sometimes that’s so obvious that you are being prodded in the rear by a pitchfork. Sometimes the pitchfork is the only clue you get…

This is called the Fever Devil Costume and it comes with the dress and horns. Also, the model is wearing a pair of gloves, which only go over her hands, that are not part of this costume, the pitchfork is not included as well and it sells for around $40 US on most sites.

The one thing that comes to mind is: that dress has to be stiflingly hot to wear. It is not backless, for one, and that material, no matter how shiny it is, must be absolutely hellish to wear.

Setting that thought aside, I think the real problem I have with this costume is the presentation. I really don’t like that wig the model is wearing, or her pose, or the look she has. It’s not exactly attractive and perhaps if it was I would be more inclined towards liking this costume.

I don’t care for the horns, sadly, and I think that the poofy shoulders just make this a bit too garish in appearance. Going the extra mile with the gloves is going a little too far as well. The last thing that bothers me is that flame pattern on the hem. I don’t like that much, and I think the dress without that would look better if nothing else.

But here’s the real problem. It’s hard to tell what the model is trying to be at a glance here. The horns and pitchfork almost vanish into the wig and dress for one thing. The other is that if she wasn’t holding the pitchfork, I’m not sure that one would know she was being a devil for the lack of clues here.

I wouldn’t consider this, mainly for the possibly of heatstroke by the end of the night, but perhaps it would work if the party was in a cooler place and you needed to keep warm?

I’ll give this two out of five pitchforks.

Interesting, but confusing really…



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