Apr 30 2016

A Trailer for the short film Succubus

I came across a trailer, a very short one, for a short film titled Succubus. There’s really no information about this film to speak of, and that’s a bit of a shame really. It looks like it could be interesting, but there’s really nothing to say what the film is about as a whole.

I have to assume that the couple in the beginning summon the succubus that appears towards the end, but beyond that I really have no idea… and I would like to. Perhaps the film will appear somewhere sometime and I’ll be able to see it…

But for now, here’s the trailer:


If you cannot see the trailer here on the Tale, please try this link:


There is one fairly good image of the Succubus, but I do not know the actress’ name or anything about her…

Succubus Short Film

Hopefully I’ll find out more over time about this, certainly I would like to add the work to the SuccuWiki at some point…

But most of all, I would like to know what the story here is…



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