So where are the curves in this costume?

Curves Devil CostumeThere are some long dresses that do lend themselves into being really lovely gowns and so on. The thing is, they can have slits to show off some leg, a bit of cleavage, even being just tight enough to show off your curves. All of this can amount to something really wonderful. So why is it that some costumes have to add odd patterns and as well, offer them with really odd looking horns, never mind the wig…

This is called the Curves Devil Costume and it comes with the dress and the horns. I can’t really tell if the horns come with the wig or if that’s simply an attempt at making this look better. No pitchfork, no shoes of course and it sells for around $25 US.

I really don’t understand why they put that gold pattern on this dress. It really isn’t totally awful, but that little touch pushes this into the realm of trashy for me at least.

Really do not like the horns, and the wig is not a lot better either. While the wig doesn’t seem to be part of this, that begs the question as to why it was used here in the first place?

The dress needs a hemming, it doesn’t look right, really doesn’t fit the model well, and the sleeves don’t really work. They give this more of a vampire look in being there and I think I’d try to trim them into something more manageable at least.

The thing about mentioning curves is that the dress should show them a bit. I don’t really see this doing so without a lot of work.

I’ll give this two out of five pitchforks.

What money is saved you’ll more than pay in order to make it fit for one and look even a little better for the other…



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