Apr 23 2016

Just an interesting Succubus commercial

Once upon a time there was a cartoon series called Ugly Americans. For those that are not aware, it had to do with the day to day lives of various supernatural beings in America. For the last season of the series, a series of web commercials were created, and one of them happened to feature a Succubus…


And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:


The Succubus was played by the burlesque star Edie Nightcrawler, and here is an image of her all Succubused up…

Edie Nightcrawler as the Succubus

Edie Nightcrawler as the Succubus

When looking at this spot, it should be noted that they were on a very tight budget, and didn’t really have a lot of time to make things work.

I think, for me, the interesting thing isn’t so much how the succubus looks here, but rather what she talks about and so on. I think it’s a rather unique outlook on being a succubus in this particular situation.

I have to give full marks for the scenes in the streets and more so that Edie was able to do what she did here.

While I didn’t care for the series much, the humour just didn’t connect with me, I found this fascinating to watch unfold… Even if that took a good deal of trying to ignore the look of the succubus here.



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