Succubi Image of the Week 431

Something slightly different for the Succubi of the Week this time on the Tale. From time to time I have been wondering about a more… call them wild if you will… kind of Succubi. I think that’s interesting concept which begs the question as to what they would look like.

I wouldn’t expect them to be wearing something that is obviously mass-made or some sort of finery. But at the same time I do expect whatever it is to be true to Succubi as a whole. I found this art quite some time ago and I think this is a good example of what I have in my thoughts…

Adabu by Maxa'

Adabu by Maxa’

I found this art originally on Pixiv and you can find that page here.

There’s a certain kind of raw sexuality in this character, which I do like overall. That’s matched well with what I think of as her armour. While that might not protect her all that well in battle, as a whole, it does allow her succubiness to come through and be rather distracting.

I love her eyes as well and her expression is interestingly calm and studied, which I find to be the focus of this art, at least for myself.

Perhaps there is such a thing as “wild” succubi in the universe?

This might well be one of them…



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    • Elliot on April 21, 2016 at 8:21 pm

    In looking at this art, Dearest… “wild” is indeed a valid descriptor for the succubus in question.

    Although, in my return to playing tabletop fantasy role-playing games in the past year and a half, and paying a considerate eye towards demons and those of demonic descent in the source-books… I’ve seen that the word “feral” has also been used in a similar context.

    However, the more I look at this art… I’m also led to wonder if “draconic” can be used in a similar fashion.

    It’s intriguing to ponder, in any event.

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