Apr 15 2016

A Review of Demon In Disguise by Damien Hart

Demon In Disguise by Damien Hart

Demon In Disguise by Damien Hart


A review of what was supposed to the the first work in a series which had an Incubus as one of the main characters. I haven’t seen, at least at the time of this review being written, a second work and that is, as most know, a shame for me when there’s promise in a story but the promise doesn’t get to unfold as it should.

Sometimes you make a choice, not for any real purpose other than it’s the right thing to do. Sometimes, in making that choice, the answer is there in front of you, if you can only accept it and embrace it. But that’s the question that haunts in more ways than one…

  • Title: Demon In Disguise
  • Author: Damien Hart
  • Length: 31 Pages
  • ASIN: B00TKGX3K4
  • Publishing Date: February 12, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story tells of:

Sam has always wondered why his charming, handsome flatmate and best friend Dylan always seems to avoid romance. He never even hooks up with anybody, despite ample opportunities. But is it really just a lack of interest, or is Dylan hiding something?

Dylan has a dark secret: he’s not human. He’s a type of demon called an Incubus, and it’s killing him to abstain from sex… literally. But when his touch causes people to get ill, can he really ask anybody to make that sacrifice?

Their friendship is about to be pushed to its very limit as previously straight-as-an-arrow Sam offers to provide sexual favours to keep his friend healthy. But the touch of a demon is intoxicating, addictive, and dangerous. Their friendship isn’t the only thing they’re risking, but Sam’s beginning to think it’s worth the gamble.

Sam learns that there are such things as incubi, that his college roommate is one, and that brings with it a problem. Dylan is sick, getting sicker, but knows that feeding on others will harm them. In doing so Dylan has taken ill and Sam makes a choice to help him. The problem is that one can be addicted to being with an Incubus, and Sam finds himself on that path.

There’s some interesting undertones in this work which revolve around Dylan and in particular there’s a feeling as the story progresses that the theme is one of power, corruption, and how one is changed by that. There are changes to Dylan’s personality over time, the same can be said of Sam as well, and it is those changes that I found the most interesting.

There is a danger, Dylan is very clear on that point, and when it starts to come into the picture there’s a certain amount of denial which played out in a very believable way. It’s subtle in nature and it gives an extra dimension to both characters.

The work does have a male/male erotic theme, but it doesn’t overwhelm the story as a whole. It’s more gentle than anything else and in being so it provides a means for the core plot of the story to be told in a way that isn’t over the top or feels wrong with how the characters are.

There are secret to be sure, Dylan has many it seems, but also it feels like there is one around Sam as well. It is the discovery of those issues, problems, and the revelations that come from them that makes the real difference.

Well written, both characters are fleshed out well, have history, character, and problems to deal with. The erotica is a bit tame, not really a hot flash in tone, more of a simmering and not much more than that.

The one thing that I would have liked to see more of would have been to know Dylan’s side of the story. There’s a lot going on that we see from Sam’s point of view but Dylan is a closed book for most of the story. A bit more “tell” about him would have been nice.

I’ll give this work three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A good beginning which leaves many questions unanswered. Two characters that are fully told, have history and in that history comes conflict, addiction, and troubles. The series should have continued for the promise that story gives.



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