A new level in Devil Costumes has been reached

Fever Devil Tutu DressI really shouldn’t tempt the universe in my commenting about all of the awful, terrible, and worse devilish costumes that I have looked at over the years. I keep thinking, and saying, that things can’t possibly get any worse. I’ll learn eventually I suppose…

This is called the Fever Devil Tutu Dress and it comes with the dress, the hooded jacket with attached horns and a pair of fuzzy boot covers that the model is wearing. It does not include the fishnets or the pitchfork and it sells for $45 US.

I cannot express just how shocked I was when this appeared on my costume search. It’s so gaudy, tacky, over the top and most of all, there’s just so much frills that it just doesn’t work. Beyond that, there is really nothing all that sexy I feel in this costume. If you need to add fishnets to a costume to make it a little more racy, then the costume has missed the mark by a very large margin.

As such, this costume has managed to be just about the worst in all possible ways and the half-hearted attempt at adding the hugely needed touch of sexy to this disaster just doesn’t manage. There is only really a very sad overall look and there isn’t anything that can be done to make things better.

I really wouldn’t consider this at all, but I will admit that I have a cute little jacket similar to the one shown here and I think that, with the right black dress would fit the bill better…

I’ll have to ponder that sometime.

As for this hot mess, I’ll give this zero pitchforks out of five.

But if you think this is bad, just wait… I’ve already found something far worse.



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    • RKBKirin on April 14, 2016 at 3:25 am

    Something even worse is in store for us? Wow, that will be something to see!

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