A Review of Lair of The Succubus by Sheba Griffins

Lair of The Succubus by Sheba Griffins

Lair of The Succubus by Sheba Griffins

A review today of the first work in a series called Lucifer and Lilith by Sheba Griffins which has an interesting premise as a whole, but gives me pause. The thing about using such characters is that there is a certain viewpoint that readers have of them. Being so, trying to tell a story with them can be difficult because of all of the preconceptions that come with them.

It is possible to, however, write a tale in which there is something more, something slightly different that provides a focus that falls outside of the main characters themselves. Then the critical point comes to making the characters be more, act more, tell more than just what one might expect. The hard part is trying to not fall into stereotypical behaviour for them both.

  • Title: Lair of The Succubus
  • Author: Sheba Griffins
  • Length: 19 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 29, 2016
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It is the story of:

She’s the world’s first succubus – rejected by Adam and banished to her own corner of the underworld. Now Lilith waits in her den of iniquity, using dozens of men to sustain her insatiable appetite. Until one day, a beautiful stranger walks into her home.

His name is Lucifer, and they share a common enemy. But to make sure this mysterious stranger is truthful, Lilith must encourage him to bare all…

Lilith’s eternal life consists of those around her sating her sexual appetites, if barely so. She exists in a gilded cage because she decided she wanted something more. She remembers the one responsible and burns in anger among the flames of pleasure. He comes looking for revenge for his choice and sees in Lilith the means to that. But is this a relationship or just two seeking to settle their score using one another? Time, and themselves, will tell.

The majority of this work centres around a long extended erotic scene in which Lilith has her way with many of her servants and slaves while Lucifer watches from nearby. This, the first part of the story, has some reasonably good heat, but what I found more interesting and captivating was Lilith’s thoughts as the scene continued. Her thoughts about where she is, why she is there, I think were quite well told and, at least for me, made her to be more than she seemed to be from her actions.

Lilith, at least this one, needs, craves sexual moments and her life is held to that. She describes herself as a succubus, as a warning to others for what she chose. The underlying emotion in that thought make her a far better character than otherwise she could have been. In the moments between her sexuality coming to the fore and taking over, she’s intelligent, scheming to a point, but also remembers well what she has lost and why it matters to her.

Lucifer, while a core part the story as well, is a bit less well rounded out as a character. Like Lilith, there’s a strong sexual current in his character, there is a bit of aloofness, and somewhat a domineering aspect to him. While that works, I would have been more enthused if he and Lilith were more equals than how things seem to be otherwise.

The latter part of the work tells of Lilith and Lucifer becoming intimate, and it is far more heated, more real, more character driven than the first erotic passage. There is purpose, for one, and as well when the moment passes, what Lilith discovers, and how she does so, makes perfect sense and I think that was a well constructed bit of conceit to Lilith herself.

The work is rather short, most of it being focused on the erotic scenes and there isn’t a lot of time spent in developing the story, the series or the characters. I feel like another five pages of telling both of their stories from their perspective would have added a lot to this work. Just too much sex and not enough substance for me at least.

The work ends on a point that obviously leads into the next work in the series. It’s a rather ominous note, but makes sense from the perspective of the main characters. I’m hoping that Lilith remains true to herself, I wouldn’t like her to change herself for the sake of a simple revenge. She’s more complicated than that, more subtle and that would be good to see. Succubi after all are their seduction and temptation, not otherwise. I hope that is where the story goes from here.

Three out of five pitchforks.

Far too much time spent on Lilith being sexual and not enough on her character. Too much time spent on Lucifer scheming and not enough on building a connection with Lilith that is more than the sex they have. Still, the undertone of the work, revenge, seems to have a purpose, and where that takes the series I will be interested in. But if that comes to be only Lilith being sexual and Lucifer gloating and watching, that will be disappointing. I’m hoping not.



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    • James on March 19, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    I find it a shame when sex is seen as either a punishment or something evil in these stories. I am glad there is more than simple evil to Lilith here, and I wish the author had given space and taken time to explore that more interesting premise.

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