And Now the News… Part IV By TeraS

It has been some time since I have written in the story I call: And Now the News… If you’d like to read what came before, you can find that here on the Tale.

We all come from somewhere and somewhen… For some that tells not just their past, but their future as well. But what is the cost of spending one’s truth for what amounts to a dare? Is that all there is and when the deed is done, was it the right thing to do?

We all come from somewhere and somewhen … For some, that tells not just their past, but their future as well. But what is the cost of spending one’s truth for what amounts to a dare? Is that all there is? And, when the deed is done, was it the right thing to do?


And Now the News…
Part IV
By TeraS


The past is part of us. The present is fleeting. Both lead to the future.As said by Tera to a lost soul in search of meaning to certain choices

Paige lay upon soft, golden sheets, her form curled up beneath and among them. Her sleep was fitful, haunted, uneven. From time to time, a sound escaped her, a moment of loss, of calling out …

…of the need within.

She awoke to find herself no longer in the temple, not in Her presence. Her thoughts were slightly jumbled. A mixture of Thrall, who ached to return, to kneel, to keen and be devoted, and Paige, who was confused, lost, wanting to understand why. Raising herself from the bed, the sheets held against her, she looked about to see she was in a comfortable room, the space inviting, loved, cared for. A thought intruded, one of her being trapped, held against her will.

She looked for the stone walls, the bindings that were used to hold her. She glanced towards the door, knowing it was locked, there was no escape until she had become what they wanted her to be. But there were no such walls. There was no door trapping her. A memory came, a memory of Her voice explaining that Thrall could leave if she wished; the choice was hers.

Pulling the sheet away, Paige looked upon herself. The only thing she wore was that black collar. There was no escape in the nude from this place. At the same time, another part of her relished the thought of padding through the temple, bare to all, submitting to Her in all things and ways.

The sound of clothes rustling drew her attention to the foot of the bed, where she saw a figure only glimpsed before. Thrall recognized her as Need. Paige didn’t know her, at least she didn’t recall her well. Need knelt nearby, as She had asked of her. To be present when Thrall awoke, to be the hand to guide Paige, to give whatever was asked of her. Need shivered slightly, wetting her lips and allowing the softest of mewls in her want.

She was the embodiment of need, of want, of desire. Thrall shivered, knowing that Need was there for her and her alone. Paige, however, didn’t see Need: she saw a woman that was achingly familiar; but her own thoughts were slippery, unclear, troubled as she tried to remember.

Purple eyes glinted in the light, catching Paige’s and Thrall’s attention long before the moan and tremble from Need’s voice poured from her lips and over the sheets: “Hello.” It was a simple word, but laced with passion, with aching need. For Paige, it was like having her clit licked. For Thrall, it was enough to make her pussy drip and her legs part slightly, the offer of servitude on the edge of her lips before Paige took control once more.

“Who are you?”

“I am Her Need.”

“No, who are you?”

The purple eyes were captivating: “Need.”

Paige shivered, something deep inside fluttering at the word, at the thought of how completely fulfilled Need was in this moment. “Why are you here?”

“To serve.”


The moan sent a thrill along Paige’s spine as Need whispered her desires: “You.”

Paige thought about this, still looking at the woman with purple eyes, still so intently focused upon her. She wondered about why purple eyes, why purple hair, why was she wearing a purple collar.

Thrall whispered the answer: “She knows.”

Paige shook herself from the stupor she was in and asked: “Where am I?”

“In our place.”

Paige was confused, Thrall soothed the worries, spreading a warm calm feeling over Paige’s thoughts: “Ours.”

She gathered the sheets around her and rose from the bed, Need remaining where she was, her eyes never leaving Paige as she moved about the room. She looked out into the hallway, seeing the passage leading off towards what seemed to be an elevator in the distance. No guards, no threat of punishment, nothing to stop her from leaving if it was what she wished.

Thrall guided Paige’s fingers to play upon her folds, a whisper of thought merging with Paige’s own.

“… I can leave. Escape. Expose this place …”

“… You can stay. Remain. Be part of this place …”

… We can stay for Need and be …”

Paige didn’t notice how her thoughts had shifted, how her focus had moved from thoughts of resisting and escaping to thoughts of the one called “Need.” She didn’t really notice when the sheet fell from her fingers and pooled on the floor about her. She didn’t think it was strange that she began to play her fingers over her skin, cupping her mound, licking her lips. She remembered the taste of another on her lips, the desire for her long hidden away. She felt the ache again, long trapped beneath the role she had been made to embrace.

It was Her Need.

“I …”

“I am Need.”

Paige made her way to Need, pausing, then kneeling with her. She looked into those purple eyes in wonder. Thrall ached for them to touch, ached for Need.

Need’s purple-tipped fingers touched Thrall. Paige felt them on her cheek … familiar, so familiar that her clit thrummed at the touch. A memory came, mixed with Thrall, and then Need moved closer, her lips surrounding and then sucking. Paige remembered this, had a recollection of doing this, of how it made them cry out in pleasure, how thrilled she was to be able to do this for her. She was lost in the moment and didn’t realize that Need had guided her to recline, to part her legs and offer herself to Need. Thrall was hot and wet, and whispered for Paige to give herself to Need. Paige closed her eyes, biting her lip as Need began to lick along the inside of one thigh, moving slowly higher, her fingertips just ahead of her tongue: “Oh … fuck … yessss … please … yesss …”

The feeling overcame Paige, she falling into Thrall, the two becoming one in the moment when Need’s supple tongue and lips pleasured her needy clit, her fingers parting her folds and moving in and out of her slick, wet, hungry pussy.

As Need pleasured them, Paige and Thrall shared a memory: a shower, being pressed against the tiled walls, blue-green eyes sparkling in need, a voice begging to be allowed, a nod, then gasping in surprise as her lover sucked on her nipples, kissing around her navel, and then, still holding her against the shower wall as the water sprayed about them both, cupping her ass, fingernails raking her skin. Next came the scream from her lips as that tongue—oh, Goddess, she had the longest tongue—dove into her cleft, flexing, tasting, purring into her cunt making her cry out in surprise once more. Paige was cumming, so hard, so long, sliding slowly down the wall until she was wrapped in her lover’s arms as the warm rain of the shower drizzled over them both. Her trembling hand reaching out, cupping the chin of her lover lightly: “Only you.”

The answer was a soft smile: “It’s nice to be needed.”

Paige wept, the tears mixing in the water from the shower around them: “I …”

The memory came to a close as reality returned in the rush of an orgasm, one Paige hadn’t felt since that day. She screamed until she was unable to breathe, her hands twisted into Need’s hair, holding her, where Need worshipped her. The memories, long suppressed, trapped, refused to her because of the choice she had made, flooded back in. Paige and Thrall cried out at the unfairness of it all, of what she had lost. She thought of how she had been changed, how she was no longer the woman that once had loved and been loved. A deal had been struck, and she had paid for it with her very soul.

Need’s tongue slithered away, licking Paige-Thrall’s folds, her clit. She left a kiss on the inside of each thigh. Paige was in a stupor as Need rose herself, crawled between Paige’s legs and drew closer. She couldn’t look away from those purple eyes, the shine of her wetness on Need’s lips and chin. Then, just as their nipples rubbed deliciously, Need hovering over her, eyes looking into eyes, Paige saw … “It’s … you.”

“I am your Need.”

From nearby, Paige heard Song’s voice, the song returning once more, breaking the barriers between Paige and Thrall, merging them, blending them into one.

Paige’s eyes turned as black as the collar she wore. Her hair turned the deepest of black. A wave passed over her skin, the changes made vanishing away. They were not part of being Hers. They were unneeded.

She had, in her arms, what she needed.

The three spoke, their voices becoming wanton, aching, submissive. Each of their beings calling out their own truths.

Song pure in bliss, the first to know: “I am Her Song.”

Need purred in heat: “I am Her Need.”

Paige felt the last of what was empty out of her mind and soul, the truth coming in ecstasy: “I am Her Thrall.”

The three souls cried out in pleasure, crying out their singular truth: “We are Hers.”


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    • James on March 7, 2016 at 5:30 pm

    So very nicely hot, Your Majesty.

    Even more, I am thinking back to where this story began for Paige. And, as she sinks deeper into this particular Oz, I wonder what her “What did you learn?” moment will be like.

    Right now, I don’t think she could tap her ruby slippers together without cumming and doubling over into the sort of an orgasm that would make her forget home . . .

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    • RKBKirin on March 7, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    Very poetic ending!

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    • Aria on March 8, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    *purrs in delight and happiness*

    So very wonderful to see you return to this. I am glad Paige found….. her truth and experience its bliss. Home has never been so close. And her place never so clear as in these moments.


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