A Review of Remind Me by Nanea Knott

Remind Me by Nanea Knott

Remind Me by Nanea Knott

The last, at least for now, in a series of reviews of the Sex Demon series by Nanea Knott here on the Tale. You can find my review of the prequel work here, my review of the first book can be found here. The review of the second work in the series can be found here on the Tale as well.

The series has been captivating for me, the characters, the storylines, the world the author has created fascinates me, brings a smile to my lips, and, as all really good stories do, leaves me thinking about what is, was and what might be.

There are some thoughts I have about the series as a whole, which I will share later, that I find myself wondering about in all of the works so far, and there will be a Book Four quite shortly which makes me happy. My thoughts come to the psychology of the characters and a singular thread that keeps popping up over and over again, but, that’s for later.

Mysteries still abound in the series, the questions to wonder about becoming more and more complex. Almost as complex as the truth held within the characters themselves.

There is one, very tragic, character in the series who has been haunting the edges of all of the stories in this work and with this, the third work in the series, her story is told, but also that of another who’s past also cannot be forgotten, or forgiven.

Some are gifted with the moment to love completely. Some are held in the knowledge that they found their soulmate, their one and only. Each day with them is to be held onto for there comes a time when they may not be there anymore. To be the survivor means a part of your heart is closed forever. The hard part is coming to see there is another part of your heart that needs, wants, and asks even if you cannot believe what you hear.

  • Title: Remind Me
  • Author: Nanea Knott
  • Length: 148 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 14, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

It tells the story of:

Can Lightning Strike Twice?

Shane McCann is a hardheaded cop with an injured leg and a bad attitude. He’s working a missing persons case and he knows that the victim’s friends are hiding something. He needs to find out what it is. One woman in particular catches his interest. She’s beautiful, mesmerizing and in her eyes he can see she’s as injured on the inside, as he is on the outside. If he can get her to trust him, it might make all the difference.

Megan Winston is a succubus with a shattered heart. She found her mate only to lose to him after a fatal accident two years ago. Now a friend of hers has been kidnapped and she agrees to be questioned about the disappearance, but she has to be careful. The investigator is human. He’s smart, sexy and despite how much she likes him, she’s already had a mate and everyone knows demons never get a second chance, or do they?

Megan is alive, but she isn’t living. She is a rare succubus among her kind, one that has survived the loss of her mate. She lives, but the world holds nothing for her. She is present, but is detached from those that care about her. She knows, with certainty, that nature only allows her one mate and nothing more. But nature abhors a vacuum. When she encounters Shane, a man with his own doubts and finds there is something awakening within her, Megan’s own doubts and thoughts conspire against her. The answer is one they both must find together.

Megan is a tragically flawed character, her past being with her every moment and being so it takes over much of who she is throughout this work. There’s a deep sadness that she cannot find the way out of, express, or overcome. She has lost hope, in short, and there’s little question of that as the story unfolds. Her thoughts are of what she has lost, that she is “broken” and being so, there’s nothing in the world for her save to plod along for the sake of others around her until she fades away.

Megan’s appearances in the previous works in the series gave a hint of how shattered she is with a few small scenes, a short piece of dialogue here and there. This work fleshes her character out, giving her reasons for being how she is now. There are those that lose their light in their lives and then continue onwards because they are surviving. This is precisely what Megan is doing until the threat to her kind appears and things get very bad, very quickly.

Shane comes into this work connected to another main character in the series and being that he is, there’s a series of moments which come after Megan’s life goes very wrong, very quickly that draw him into Megan’s world. How that happens is handled in what I felt was a very true way to Shane, but also to Greg, who appeared in the first work, and others in the series. Their relationship, what it is built on, is taken to the limit over the mystery around them. How that is resolved is quite well done, if somewhat sharp and to the point.

While the work focuses on Megan and Shane, the prior works in the series make themselves known, some moments from those works being now seen from their perspective as well. They are interesting contrasts to what came before and help to connect the dots between the events in the series. That said, Shane’s entry into the series provides something that before didn’t seem to happen. While many characters have emotional flaws, few have physical ones. Shane’s past, what has happened to him brings with it a lot of emotional baggage that he fights with. Once Megan becomes part of his world, that only serves to make him more flawed, but also more real as a character.

How Shane deals with knowing about Megan, learning the secrets around him, trying to come to terms with his own disbelief and Megan’s refusal to accept the impossible is touching and heartfelt. Listening to his own self-doubts, how learning about Megan, being in contact with the succubi and incubi around him, how he is treated at times adds to that doubt and, at least once, pushes both himself and Megan to a place that, given a little understanding and openness, might not have been. But it is part of the story, how it unfolds and being so, that makes a strong connection with the reader by far.

The fight within both Megan and Shane, the needs they both feel, but are told by others cannot be, by themselves saving it must not be, is some of the most difficult character development I have read in some time. By that I mean it isn’t an easy path for either of them and it quite literally takes them to the edge of their lives to get things resolved.

There is a moment when something about Megan’s past is revealed and in that moment comes a concern for her, what she might do in the future. It is a shattering revelation to her, but in the context of the series it makes perfect sense and also tells how long things have been unfolding for her kind in this universe. It’s a means to anchor the series, how things have been developing, and I think that her reaction was completely right for her.

The plot of this work holds mainly on them both, but there are little intrusions of the mystery group that is causing problems, and they are an ever present thought in all of the character’s minds. There are moments, as written in the prior works, where events unfold and continue to do so in this work. There’s a slow burning fuse in this that will come to a heat at some point, but before doing so, the questions I am sure will expand and become more concerning.

There is a bit less erotica in this work compared to the prior ones, but that is a reflection of Megan’s attitude towards Shane and how long it takes for their understanding to develop, When it  does come, the moments are, like their relationship, building towards a climax and when that appears it feels right for both of them.

What I feel is missing, overall, is there still isn’t a lot of time spent in explaining how the succubi and incubi society works. Again, as in the prior works, there is a physical difference noted, but not delved into that I wonder about. Marissa remains an enigma, one that is both stellar and troubling at the same time. There is friction between many of the characters that I’d like to see develop towards some sort of resolution as well. Most of all, there is a certain tone to so many of the characters that I would like to understand better. I think in understanding that, the answers to the series overall will become clearer.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I feel like Megan’s story isn’t finished by far, that her past will be coming back towards her again and her own personality might be her undoing. There are some interesting new characters appearing which offer some teasing paths for the series to take into the future. The series paused, at least towards the main overarching plot, in this work, but the revelation, when it comes about Megan’s past makes up for the absence.

I’m looking forward to the next work in the series, Long Term Memory, which is to be released in the next little while. As such, the single thing about the series so far, that is present in almost every succubi or incubi character comes back to my thoughts and makes me wonder about something.

Why is it that every one of them, without question, cannot accept when they encounter their soulmates? There’s almost an inherent need to push them away, refuse them and just not believe what their own bodies, minds and emotions are telling them. I’d like to understand why that is. I have a feeling I know, and if I am correct in my thoughts, it is a rather shameful thing for a, so far unseen, group to be doing to those they claim to be protecting.

Another thing that comes up from time to time is the rather cold attitude many of the characters have towards their prey. I understand that is a function of how their powers work, but at times it seems shockingly strong from several characters and I wonder about that.

While we know quite a lot about the characters in the series so far, the actual succubi and incubi society hasn’t been really examined closely. There have been some vague mentions, but towards some specific laying out of how things work, why they work as they do hasn’t been explored as much as I would like it to be.

There is one other point I feel like needs to be explored in the future and that comes from a question of seeing the parents of the characters, learning more about their pasts, and understanding where they came from. There hasn’t been an appearance of a mated couple that have been together for a very long time. I’d like to see what that’s like, if their view of their own society’s decisions still holds them. I wonder if they know a truth they haven’t told the younger generation that are experiencing something new.

There is such a thing as hope. There is such a thing as the impossible. The hardest thing one has to do is accept that both can be. Fighting against what one knows because “that’s impossible” isn’t so much a choice as a teaching and those that teach can be wrong on occasion too.

Dearly my favourite series of 2016 by far. I’d honestly love to see Tera (my character from my Realm stories) and Marissa meet sometime. I have a feeling that they would know more about what each deals with than anyone else. I’d also love to see Marissa’s reaction when Tera tells her a simple truth, one that I feel that Marissa herself has forgotten with all that swirls around her.

A wonderful series with so much promise being shown and offered and I recommend these works highly. My best wishes to Nanea and my hopes that her writing continues to bring her pleasure, that she finds the joy in each word written and that she has much success in her writing future always…



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    Here you are, Your Majesty, being the best of a reviewer: enchanted by what is, hoping for more, and sharing that in such a way that it helps not only your readers but the author. Thank you.

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