Feb 09 2016

A Review of A Tempting Demon by Cora Cross

A Tempting Demon by Cora Cross

A Tempting Demon by Cora Cross

A short incubus story to be reviewed today on the Tale. It has been some time since I’ve reviewed a work by Sinn Lee, as she has vanished, or mostly so. But there are a number of works that now appear under the author name Cora Cross, which are hers, and stated to be.

I didn’t get to read all of Nora’s works with Succubi or Incubi before they were changed, so this work hasn’t been reviewed before by me. But it is a quite familiar read in tone and style nonetheless.

  • Title: A Tempting Demon
  • Author: Cora Cross
  • Length: 24 Pages
  • ASIN: B00U915Y7E
  • Publishing Date: March 3, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Ava has recently discovered she has the ability to read the minds of others. One day, she reads the mind of a vampire and learns of an entire other world existing all around her. She delves deeper into the secrets of these other paranormal creatures. Her investigation leads her to a mysterious night club. Will she be able to get inside and find someone with the answers she seeks? Perhaps an incubus with a taste for a fairy like her?

Ava has a gift, or a curse, depending on how she looks at it. She can read minds and is using that ability in some questionable ways. A peek in one mind leads her into a world where the supernatural is real. Meeting an incubus, she finds out the truth about herself and what that all means.

The one thing about this work is that it is, really, quite a cute little romantic story about two people meeting, some lessons being learned, and then, in the end, comes understanding and perhaps a bit more than that. It is, overall, a classic story in that way and it is a little formulaic in its nature, but the characters manage to keep it from going too far in that vein.

Ava is, at times, a lost soul, a winey thing. She’s pushy sometimes, quite forceful in fact, but that makes her have some charm that I liked… To a point. The introspection about her past, what she does to earn money and what she intends to do are, sometimes, boring and thin. It does lay out her character, but in doing so she seems whiney sadly.

Malik, the incubus of the story, isn’t stereotypical, seems quite intelligent and in many ways it is that personality of knowing it all that gets a little bit worn over time. Part of that is to draw Ava into connecting with him, really forcing the two of them together, and it does work, as a whole. But the thing is that his personality runs from hot to cold to hot again and it’s hard to follow sometimes.

There is a good deal of story here and it makes up most of the work which then leads into the unescapable moment when the two have their erotic encounter. That in itself is written as a romance with a bit of heat in it and I think as a place the story goes towards it is a nice place to end up at.

The ending has a nice romantic feel to it, there is a future for the characters and it makes a good deal of sense as well. With all of the good that is in this work, as good as the characters are, it is a shame that it has so many little mistakes in it.

There are quite a number of misspelled words, the dialogue at times is a bit wooden, and at a few points there should have been more story than “it happened” and I would like to know what “it” is really. There needed to be a bit more heat as well. Not over the top and wild… Just… hotter than it is overall.

I’ll give this three pitchforks out of five.

A nice little romantic work with two interesting characters, a bit of plot and moments that really did work well. It just needs more editing, and more story, to make it more than it is.



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