Something for a Friend by Chi

I have something to share and there’s a story behind this. As much as I wish I did, I didn’t write this. My Evil Dragon Chi did… The thing about Chi is that he has a lovely way with words, and so, on this Monday, these are his words shared…

Something for a Friend
By Chi

A little something I might’ve written with a certain Succubi Queen in mind


The air was heavy with the rhythmic pulse of a grinding beat as the dim lights of the club were intermingled with bright flashes of brilliant color. Bodies moved and shifted, dancing and pressing one into the other. Passions ruled and cares were cast aside.

She wasn’t sure why she’d come, really. Well, that wasn’t necessarily true. She knew the why. A look at her happily dancing roommate answered that. She just wasn’t sure why she’d let the party girl convince her of it.

The tight leather of the pants she’d been convinced to wear because they showed off her “god’s gifted arse” was getting a touch uncomfortable as she remained in her seat. Her legs crossed as she fought down the urge to slide out of the high heeled boots that seemed to vanish into the leather of her pants. She’d managed to stay out of a matching leather top, though she wasn’t sure the barely there crimson halter she’d picked to avoid it was much better.

In fact, she was pretty sure her roommate had played her with that choice.

Running her fingers through dark, almost black hair she fought down a groan as bright pale jade eyes fluttered half closed. She just knew this was going to happen. Despite how much her roommate talked about making it a “bonding” experience, she was out there on the dance floor, leaving her behind to sip occasionally at an overly fruity drink that made her face twist in displeasure.

“My, you certainly don’t seem too happy.” The words were drawled out, soft, and yet somehow pierced through the pulsing noise of the club.

Immediately, she stiffened up, her eyes snapping open as she looked around.

There was a woman seated next to her, full, crimson lips pulled into a smile as she watched her with glittering emerald eyes.

“Mmm, I’m sorry, did I surprise you?” The woman asked as she sipped at a drink that she couldn’t quite identify. “You seemed so lonely over here, such a terrible thing really, to be sitting alone, surrounded by a crowd.”

There was something… different about the woman, with her black as night hair and the tight, shining red dress clinging to enviable curves. A mischief, mixed with a knowing maturity as she casually shifted her glass about. “When people come to places like these, isn’t it to be with others? To feel the connection, to cut loose, to enjoy yourself? Sitting here, all alone, waiting, bored and irritable seems to just… Defeat the purpose.”

“I’m fine, thanks.” She said quickly her fingers wrapping about her drink instinctively, pulling it back against her chest in an almost defensive motion.

“Oh?” The woman pursed her lips as if in thought, studying her with a lazy, critical eye as she took a slow sip from her drink. “Now, that doesn’t seem the case. Too much worry, too much tension. You’re definitely not having fun.”

“I don’t need that kind of fun.” She stated quickly looking away.

“That kind?” There was a full blossom of amusement in the woman’s voice as she let out a low, throaty chuckle. “My, my, my… that implies so many interesting things. Especially about just where your mind starts to go.”

She could feel her face flushing crimson as she ducked her head and refused to look at the woman. “I’m not that way!”

“Mmm, now whichever way would you be talking about?” The woman was asking, and it was like her lips were hovering above her ear, letting her practically feel the heat of her breath tickling down her neck, sweet, hungering, intoxicating.

“I… ah…” She stammered, her breath catching, hitching in her throat as she unconsciously shivered in delight before her voice stumbled into a murmur. “I don’t like, ah, girls.”

“What was that, my dear? I don’t think I heard you?” It was teasing, enticing as it left the woman’s lips. “It helps to look at the person you’re talking to. So they can hear you. Don’t you want to be… heard?”

She flushed brighter, but still her eyes lifted up and then her throat caught as her eyes met the woman’s. Before they were bright and beautiful. Now they seemed to be almost glowing with a captivating light as she smiled over her drink and suddenly, it was like she was staring deep into her soul.

“Oh, yes, you are the pretty one, aren’t you?” The woman smiled as she reached out, a hand, she didn’t realize was gloved until she felt the smooth material draw along her jaw and then slowly push her chin up so her mouth shut in a simple, smooth gesture.

Slowly stroking the thumb over her now closed lips, a soft, elliptical motion, the woman continued. “Just so very tightly repressed. It’s a horrible thing, really. Keeping all those hungers, all those wants, all those passions just bottled up inside of you. Churning and rolling through your veins, whispering so many sweet, wicked little thoughts down into the shadows of your mind.”

She couldn’t resist the shiver that ran through her body at that touch, that slow, teasing caress that made her lips part as if begging for her thumb to slip past them. It was a subtle, alien, undeniable feeling that was starting to course through her veins like drops of thick, golden honey flowing down into her. Hot, aching, needing.

“Yes, you like that don’t you, my dear?” The woman smiled at her, almost indulgently as she slowly pushed her thumb into her waiting mouth, teasing it past her soft, yielding lips and slowly drawing it down , pulling lightly against the sweet, slick flesh. “How long have you waited, I wonder? Yearning, wanting, Needing as you tried and force yourself to be numb, to ignore them, to fight against them?”

She opened her mouth again, only to find her words replaced with a sweet, mewling whimper of want that would send a tremble of such hot, wet heat down past her stomach, that it almost jolted her out of the slowly sinking haze she found herself in.

“Oh, yes, you are precious, aren’t you?” The woman chuckled at her, smiling with her eyes shining suddenly brighter, more intensely into her own. It was like suddenly she had opened up the gates to her soul, inviting the woman’s gaze to pour into her, hot, hungering, commanding as it reached into her in ways she never thought possible.

It was like her whole body was suddenly alive. A rolling pulse of pure, powerful sensation, like her whole life, she had been numb, unfeeling, asleep, and suddenly, she was woken up like a violent eruption of emotion that broke up from deep inside like a newborn spring of hot, glistening springwater. Bubbling and churning as it spread hot, glistening feelings of sweet, yearning want through her trembling, weakened flesh.

She could feel the way her skin glistened. It was Hotter than she ever remembered it being, a deep, hungering heat that seemed to boil up from inside of her instead of pressing down into her from the club around them. Unconsciously, her legs uncrossed, spreading, open, inviting in her seat as she pressed hungrily into the woman’s touch.

So consumed was she with the woman’s eyes, she never saw the way her tongue slipped out, and traced over her lips, the way they felt so dry despite the thick painted gloss atop them. She never registered the way the woman’s hand had left her chin, stroking back, caressing against her throat. She never protested in the slightest, when she felt it, wrapping back behind her neck. Drawing her in, pulling her closer.

However, she relished the feeling of the woman’s breath, pouring down upon her lips. She breathed deep of the smoky, exotic, almost musky scent of the woman. Her whole body shivered as she could feel as the steady flow of heat coursing down through her belly turned into a sudden, roaring waterfall.

Her thoughts melted into a haze. Hunger rolled through her skin, and her body melted in surrender to the impossible bliss of desire. There was no struggle, there was no fight, there was no resistance as she suddenly felt her mouth falling open, and her lips being covered by the woman’s own.

Instead, her world simply exploded into a crackling focus as everything else turned to a non-existent sensation save for the lips and tongue devouring her. And that was the only way she could feel described it. She could feel it, as if the woman was feasting upon her mouth, claiming her, taking her, drinking of the very essence of who she was.

And all she could do was offer herself up to her, surrendering to the shuddering wave of pleasure it drew from her. Her eyes fell half lidded, glazed and unseeing. She barely registered the curling glimpses of crimson points, curling out of the woman’s midnight black hair. It was unimportant. Nothing mattered but the pleasure surging through her.

Then, the kiss broke, and the woman pulled back tugging at her lip in the process, suckling, pulling at it before finally letting it go free.

“Oh, yessss, I think you’ll do nicely.” The woman stated with a smile as she slowly stood and smiled at her. “Come on, my little pet. Let’s go somewhere more… private, shall we?”

Lost in the haze of desire, she let herself be gently guided to her feet, the woman’s hand still on the back of her neck, before tracing down to between her shoulders. She felt something else, slim and firm wrapping about her waist, but again she dismissed it as unimportant. All that mattered was satisfying the churning, quivering emptiness inside of her, begging to be filled.

“Yes, I do believe we shall.” The woman chuckled softly, as if greatly amused by the statement, while she led her off and away.

When her roommate returned from her dancing, she found their table empty, glasses cool and a third drink she couldn’t account for. But, she didn’t find her. Shrugging her shoulders, her roommate figured she had either finally decided to have some fun, or gone home. Either way, she’d see her later.

She was right and wrong.

The girl she saw later wasn’t really her any longer. But, she didn’t care for very long. Her new roommate was very good at making sure she didn’t care about anything at all.


You can find more of Chi’s lovely erotica here on his Tumblr Blog…




    • James on February 1, 2016 at 9:21 am

    So, sometimes Your Majesty speaks with a drawl . . . or inspires those who speak with a drawl.

    Nice work, Chi.

    And it helps me with a theory that I have been developing. On these days when someone else’s story appears in the Tale, that doesn’t mean Her Majesty hasn’t been telling stories. Quite the opposite: it is a sign of Her Majesty’s storytelling speaking through those around Her.

    • Avatar photo
    • TeraS on February 6, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    I thought about that and actually tried a drawl… It came out more of a purr…

    Which I think isn’t a bad thing… Reallllly….


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