Jan 30 2016

The film is called Succubus… does it have one?

A YouTube trailer of a film called Succubus that I know nothing about today on the Tale. There’s very little information about this film that I can find, the trailer really doesn’t reveal much, and the summary is quite vague really…

The main reason why this is appearing on the Tale is that I’d like to see this, somehow, and find out what it is about, or have someone tell me about it so I can figure out if this is something that needs to be on the SuccuWiki or not.

Because honestly, I just don’t know.


And if you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link:


This film appears on the IMDb here and is summarized as:

Succubus is about man struggling with his conscious in order to protect a girl from a danger, he created in his alternate reality.

I suppose that it could be about a Succubus in some way, but the summary leaves a lot to be desired really. Not even looking through the cast list reveals if there is a Succubus in the film or not as well.

Really a lot of questions, and one way or another, I hope to have them answered sometime…




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    I’m not hoping for much, honestly. If that trailer is any indication then this will be your standard “Serial-killer obsessed with a girl” film. The trailer just really isn’t doing it for me.

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    RKB Kirin

    I agree. It looks like they chose the title ‘Succubus’ to be artsy rather than having anything to with the idea.

    Although if it’s about a stalker, why use the term ‘succubus’ which implies a male victim? Ah well, one might think there was a reason for it.

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    I cannot find a single instance of this movie being available through any source anywhere on the internet.

    Telling, isn’t it?

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    Here and gone I suppose… Which is probably a good thing because… Well… I wasn’t expecting a lot in the first place…


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