Jan 28 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 419

Succubi do, of course, have many different forms, shapes, styles and personalities. I do, I admit, like the cute Succubi most of all and when I find them, that’s a lovely moment for me. Sometimes the Succubi aren’t quite obvious about themselves, which is fine, but there is always something that reminds you of who they are…

Sirri the Succubus by Nexxy-Darkstar

Sirri the Succubus by Nexxy-Darkstar

This work is called Sirri the Succubus and is by an artist on DevianArt called Nexxy-Darkstar. You can find the original page on DeviantArt here and this artist’s page can be found here.

There’s so much cuteness here from the little pet she is holding to her outfit, the look in her eye, and the way she’s so protective of her pet. She’s a succubus, horns, tail, sort of, and all, but as well she’s not over-sexualized which I think works best of all with her character.

It’s an interesting melding of her red hair and her dark horns, but also how the red highlights over her body add a lot to her looks too. She’s really quite unique and that, more than anything else, makes her adorable…




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    I’m a real sucker for a girl with a cool hat! Also, is it just me or is that little black wisp of smoke behind her hinting at a tail?

  2. avatar

    Well, I took that to be her tail in shadow myself…


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    I am seeing two possibilities for a tail–one might be a shadow, or maybe someone just wouldn’t know where to look when meeting her–but the pet really intrigues me. Is there a succubus version of a Tribble? And what would it do to succubi and incubi and their moods?

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    This adorable pic really makes me wonder that that pet is

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    The Realm version of a Tribble…. Hmmm…

    A Wibble?


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