A Review of Angels and Succubi by Carl East

Angels and Succubi by Carl East

Angels and Succubi by Carl East

I have written many times about the Succubi stories that the author Carl East has published. Many of them I have really enjoyed and it was nice to find that a collection of these works had been published.

The majority of these stories have been reviewed on the Tale in depth, so for this review I will be summarizing my thoughts on each of the works and then giving an overall review of the work as a whole.

But most important of all… there are many stories about Succubi to enjoy…

The story is of:

A collection of all of the Succubi and Angel stories written by Carl East. The collection includes:

  • The Angel: He found her on the side of the road and went to her aid. Sometimes there are angels in the dark and they come again and again.
  • The Succubus Next Door: When the girl next door needs some help, Amy asks what’s wrong. When she’s told that without that help, the girl next door will die, Amy doesn’t believe. At least until the girl next door turns out to be a Succubus that is.
  • Soul Mates: When Arianna (an angel in training) has to go out into the world to earn her wings, by saving a soul, she has no idea what awaits her. Brandy is a succubus and she’s on the run. She disobeyed Satan’s orders. When they both find one another, the strangest alliance you can ever imagine forms and a friendship is born.
  • Daughters of the Night: In the night there are vampires. In one coven a vampire named Rebecca gains the powers of a Succubus in an experiment that changes her world and that of her coven forever.
  • Almost Good: Clair has an unusual gift, she can detect strange. Yvonne’s as strange as they come, because she’s the first Vision Walker Clair’s ever known. With the power Yvonne possesses along with a Succubus, a Fallen Angel and a shape Shifter, the bad guys better watch their backs.
  • The House on the Hill: After discovering that the house they want to buy is supposed to be haunted, Sandy and Mike decide to take it anyway. It’s just too good a deal to pass up. However, when they move in, they discover that the house does indeed have another tenant it’s just not a ghost.
  • The House on the Hill 2: The Succubus, Serena, is stuck in limbo and when she is freed, she is more than appreciative. In fact, she’s so thankful she’s willing to show her rescuers a few of the hidden talents that the Succubae possess. By the time she’s finished showing off her abilities the new owners are going to wish that she would stay.
  • Bound to Hell: Dale is struggling to get through college, but something is about to happen that will make college irrelevant. With the aid of a Succubus he’s about to take on the role of the monster killing Reaper and his life will never be the same again.

The first two works in this collection are new ones, at least to me:

The Angel: The fog brings with it a woman and a mystery. Nothing said, nothing explained, but the moment comes and those questions matter little in the end. Not really a Succubus story, and it is, as a whole, the only story to focus on what seems to be an Angel-like character. There is quite a lot of mystery wrapped around this work, and there are, by the end, a lot of questions left about what exactly was going on with the characters.

There’s a Twilight Zone feeling to the work at the end, and I don’t think it worked well with the rest of the story. It felt disconnected with everything else that happened and I think there could have been a better ending somehow. As well, I wasn’t really convinced that the female character was, exactly, an Angel. It’s more a given based on the title of the work and in that came some doubt in my thoughts.

The work as a bit of a hot flash within, which was interesting in its own right. A bit confusing at times, a little misdirected at moments, but the heat was, as a whole, well done.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The Succubus Next Door: Amy’s neighbour banged on the wall for hours. After confronting her, Amy finds that Dale is a Succubus, and now Amy is ‘banging’ anything that moves in return for keeping Dale alive.

This work reads very much like the opening two chapters in a novel. There’s a good deal of setting up, of explaining Dale’s situation and she proving to Amy what she is. A scattering of hot flashes follows before the work comes to an abrupt ending. As a whole, the thing about this work mainly comes to the questions about Dale, how she got into the situation she finds herself, and what she and Amy do together. Dale claims to be a succubus, really there’s not much more proof than she can cause lust in others, for one, and for another she is a futa as well, though she shifts in that often in the work.

The work reads very quickly, getting to the point of things in a very short time, telling about the characters as quickly as possible and then, immediately moves onto some heat between Amy and Dale. Past that, Amy tries out a gift that Dale gave her, which isn’t really unexpected, and then the aftermath of that follows. The ending however is the part that really bothered me. Dale’s explanation of why she can’t leave her apartment makes sense, but in another way it also really seems to limit the characters in a lot of ways. I would have liked more time spent on the ending, perhaps a little more character development, and more focus on Dale, at least as much as was given to Amy at least.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The rest of the collection I have reviewed on the Tale before, so what follows are very short summations of my thoughts from those reviews.

Soul Mates: Arianna isn’t quite an Angel just yet and she is sent to Earth to become one. A meeting with Brandy, a Succubus on the run and she discovers that Brandy is the key to her becoming an Angel. But the truth, for them both, is something more amazing to discover. Overall this is a story about self-discovery, about findings someone to care about and to tell what one would do for them in the moments when all would be lost. I liked this story for this, but also for how well the lives of Arianna and Brandy are told, then joined together. There’s a good deal of innocence from Arianna, which I loved dearly. But I liked Brandy being an old soul and how that played off against Arianna and what that transformed their relationship into.

The last few pages of the story where the author lost me completely. The work ends on a note that just doesn’t ring true with all else that happened. It is abrupt and sadly of all, it ends on a point where these two lovers seem to be going towards having to face each other on different sides. That just didn’t set well with me. To end the story that was about love, about understanding, about being together by taking that and tossing it away just didn’t work at all.

Three pitchforks out of five.

Daughters of the Night: The story of a coven of vampires who find their world changes as they come into contact with the Succubi. A sharing of blood brings about changes unexpected and with them the one thing they thought was impossible to see again returns. The writing is a bit rough around the edges, some of the minor characters speak in a monotone, almost sleepwalking through the work. Part of this may well be the fault of this work being told in a series of short stories that aren’t quite linked together well. Perhaps connecting them together more fully would have helped in that. There are quite a lot of little hot flashes of erotica in the work, and as a whole I think that was a bit overdone really. Some of them seemed to happen for the sake of having some erotica to get past a dull part of the story, and that didn’t quite work well.

A well told story, some interesting concepts, and I liked the characters overall. I just couldn’t quite get past the concept of mixing up Succubi and vampires as a whole.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Almost Good: Clair has a motley crew of friends, or almost friends, with supernatural powers. Together they help who they can, but want to, somehow, do more. They rescue Yvonne from a bad situation and through her their adventures really begin.

The cast of characters in this work are interesting in their own rights and each really could be the focus of a single work on their own. There is background hinted at for each of them, but only hinted at and that leaves a lot of questions to be wondered about. The Succubus of this work, Candy, for one really interests me in that, by what is told about her, she decided that she didn’t like what “they” wanted her to do and she left, finding a place to hide with Clair and starting their group. While Candy is a Succubus, and there are some very hot scenes with her, she’s also, if not the leader of the group, certainly the brains in a lot of ways.

It all makes for what could be an opening to a series with these characters, one that I would read and follow not just for Cindy who fascinates me as a Succubus, but all of the characters. There are a lot of tales to be told about them all, never mind all of the different couplings that could happen. But the story needs to slow down a little, gain traction to tell more story and a bit less sexual situations would I think make for a better story than there is here.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The House on the Hill: Sandy and Mike are a young couple looking for their first house. They eventually find out a little bit out of town that has a lot going for it, but, just before they agree to buy it, the find out the truth… It’s haunted. I liked the story for the most part really… I thought that all three characters, Mike, Sandy and Serena, who is the Succubus of the story, were really well fleshed out, had a history and seemed very real as a result. I enjoyed Serena using her powers on the couple, and the mind control that seemed to be part of that was really well done and I enjoyed it. The sex was hot, lots of heat to be seen and nicely described I thought as well.

My problem comes from the beginning of the story. I don’t quite understand why the author had to write so much about the house. We learn about the kitchen, the hallways, and so on, but all of that really isn’t important to the overall story I thought. It also make the beginning of the story very tedious to read through… it sort of felt like I was reading a home improvement magazine and that just sat wrong with me.

Three pitchforks out of five.

The House on the Hill 2: Serena the Succubus returns, the attempt to release her from her curse didn’t work and once more the owners of the house discover the fun and games that having a Succubus can bring. It’s a much better overall story than the first book was. It isn’t really just about the erotica, which is a welcome change from the first work. There is more about the powers of a Succubus, what she and do, what the experience is, and what that transforms the relationship of the main characters of the story. It becomes a story of learning about secal experiences, what they bring to relationahips, and how, if you take the chance to explore sexually who you are, you discover things about yourself and the one you love that you never would have expected.

I felt the expanded background of Serena added a lot that was missing from her personality in the first work. There are also moments of her using her powers which I thought were intersting use of the Succubus legends towards what they are capable of.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Bound to Hell: Dale is a college student, bored out of his mind in class. At least he is until a Succubus named Cindy enters and changes his life forever. Dale finds out that what he thought was reality isn’t quite as simple as it seemed to be, and having Cindy in his life promises to make his life more complicated than he could imagine.

I think the one thing that bothered me the most in this story was that the way the characters spoke was monotonous. By that I mean it was hard sometimes to tell if Cindy was talking or Dale or any of the other characters when they appear. Reading their thoughts, what they say, it seemed to be a lot of nothing with the occasional important bit of information to be shared. I understand that Dale is young, but Cindy is a Succubus, she is supposed to have been around for a long time and I expected much more out of her that was seen.

Two and a half pitchforks out of five.

Obviously the collection ran hot and cold for me, but overall there was really quite a lot to enjoy, to smile over, and most of all, the majority of the Succubi where interesting, were more than sex toys and that I always like to see.

I’ll give the collection as a whole three and a half out of five pitchforks.

One of my favourite writers about Succubi and a collection of their works is a nice thing to have even with the ups and downs that the stories carry with them.




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    • James on January 25, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    I am developing a theory about angels and succubi, based especially on literature of the Realm, that they are more closely related–much more similar creatures–than we might imagine, and both misunderstood by humanity. Having their stories together here just reinforces the notion for me.

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    • TeraS on January 26, 2016 at 1:17 am

    I do need to write that story about one particular Angel and one particular Succubi…


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