Jan 23 2016

A neat Succubus Speedpaint YouTube

Many times I have said that I adore cute Succubi. It’s nice, I think, to see them because there’s more to them, in personality and form, than many other kinds of Succubi. I found a neat YouTube of such a piece of art being created recently…


And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:


The artist also posted this work on their DeviantArt site and you can find that page here.

And, as YouTube seems to remove the art that I like often, here’s the completed artwork as well…

Victoria by Ruzuri

Victoria by Ruzuri

She’s just simply cute and really in an amazing way too. I adore her outfit, her hair, and her wings, tail, eyes and horns being purple just makes me smile…

I think she’s about the cutest Succubi that I’ve seen in a long while now and she makes me smile…




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    A lovely image, Your Majesty, but, unfortunately, YouTube says the video has been made private.

    I wonder what it means, given the social nature of their innermost being, for a succubus to want to be alone . . .

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    A flashback to a particular actress of the past perhaps?


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