Jan 13 2016

Really it isn’t all that bad a Devilish costume…

Sexy Devil Flame DressI don’t think it’s impossible to make a decent Devil Girl costume for a reasonable amount. As a minimum the costume should be flattered, at least somewhat seductive, if not sexy, and it should, as a whole, come with enough accessories to look right. Managing to find a model that makes the costume look better also helps a lot in that.

This is called the Sexy Devil Flame Dress and it comes with the dress, horns and pitchfork. Shoes are not included and the ensemble sells for between $85 US and $40 US depending on the set and sales…

I have to say that the model they chose to show this costume off has the right body shape, which helps a lot, but her expression I’m not so sure about. I’m also not sure about the pitchfork, which I do not like at all, nor am I really thrilled about the glitter horns, again something that I don’t like all that much.

Still, the dress itself actually isn’t all that tacky for the most part. I think the black sparkle fringe which makes the flame shape works well and it isn’t silly looking either.

I would get different horns and pitchfork obviously and the shoes are nothing like what I would wear with this. The black doesn’t work well I think, red would be nicer and, as a bit of an inside joke, I might even try ruby red shoes and suggest that I might be persuaded to click my heels and “take” someone home…

I’ll give this two pitchforks out of five.

It has possibilities, which is a good place to start…



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