Loaned By JHB

Some silliness for a Monday morning, inspired by last Thursday’s Succubi Image of the Week by my heart for which I am dearly grateful today…


The Realm’s Library, it is well-known,
spans dimensions and worlds on its own
with infinite nooks.
And yet, for certain books,
even they need Interlibrary Loan.

So when Flo needed something obscure,
Irving handled it, calm and quite sure.
He filled out the form,
because that was the norm;
but his correspondent chose to demur.

Now, this was a special, charmed text
just for succubi (it might be hexed).
This other book clerk
wouldn’t answer a jerk.
She wrote: “Come. See me. We’ll see what comes next.”

Irv didn’t think this was so great.
He and Miriam had a hot date.
He’d started to bond
with the yellow-tailed blonde
(for an incubi, he’d bloomed very late).

But it was his job, so he went;
telling Tera he wouldn’t relent
‘til they said they’d share.
Yet he was unaware
of this woman to whom he had been sent.

When he got there . . . What? Was he high?
Was this librarian . . . succubi?
Red tail . . . horns of green . . .
yes, she made quite the scene:
arched an eyebrow as she said “My, oh my!”

But this realm was human, indeed.
Why and how could it possibly need
a creature like this . . .
. . . so voluptuous miss . . .
who was licking her lips, as if to feed.

“Ah, you did not expect me,
here with tail and horns all out to see.
The Realm was a bore,
and I wanted much more
than assistant in the Queen’s library.”

Both Irving’s horns and tail were hid
and he couldn’t believe what she did:
the key in her grip
made a lock’s tumblers slip
and a door open. “Let’s loosen your lid.”

Her office was filled by a bed,
and that’s just where this succubi led.
She patted his rear
so his tail would appear,
laughing as his cheeks turned cherry red.

“But your tail colour, that’s quite blue,”
she purred. “Such a magnificent hue:
deep as the ocean
just like your devotion.
Oh, sweet morsel, I’ll have such fun with you.

“You see, Irving, my name is Eve,
and, because of these loans, I receive
such marvelous guests
for my amorous quests.
And you’re already . . . ready, I believe.”

She touched his tail, making him moan
in ways his love hadn’t yet known,
got him on his knees
used his cute mouth to please
herself, leaving him quite hard as a stone.

He seemed to be finished, our Irv,
stuck here, condemned ever to serve,
canoodle, and squirm
for this lustful bookworm.
But her kisses touched a surprising nerve.

His Eternal sparked in his mind:
freckled knees, a luscious behind,
and eyes that beguiled.
The thought drove him quite wild
as he gamely put his host in a bind

–quite literally, it turned out.
His tongue wrapped her clit, caused a shout.
His tail wrapped her arms;
with astonishing charms
as the tables were soon turned all about.

He left Eve purring, with a smile,
in a sweaty, musky, soft pile.
The book was his prize..
It was Miriam’s eyes,
her scent, voice, and inimitable style

that kept him from being consumed,
lost to Eve, amorously doomed.
For right from the start
she held onto his heart.
Behind the book drop, their passions resumed.


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    • James on January 15, 2016 at 1:40 am

    The great thing about providing filler for Your Majesty is that nobody bothers to say a thing about it . . . *winking*

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    • TeraS on January 26, 2016 at 1:09 am


    Never filler my heart… For me a joyous thing to cherish…


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