A Review of A Byte of Paradise by J.G. Scape

A Byte of Paradise by J.G. Scape

A Byte of Paradise by J.G. Scape

A review today of the first work in the Tales of a Hotel Succubus series, a series that, for me, offers a wonderful story, excellent writing, and a Succubi who is, very much, like one of the Succubi of the Realm than anything else. I’ve said so often that I would love to discover more authors that create Succubi that are different, and Kat, the Succubus of this series, has that certain something that I adore most of all…

She has a soul, she cares, and it matters.

It is the story of:

Lori Moss, a programmer working in software sales, finds herself the sole occupant of a honeymoon suite at a beachside resort hotel after catching her ex-fiance, James, in the arms of her best friend. After getting some odd advice from a bellhop, Lori seeks out a mysterious woman to forget James, but discovers more than she was expecting from the woman, the island, and herself.

Lori’s life has gone off the rails. Her fiancé cheated on her, and now she’s stuck on a trip were it seems that she’ll be alone in her misery. A chance encounter leads her to meet Kat, who isn’t like anyone she’s ever met. Kat’s purple, she’s a succubus, a sex demon if you prefer, and she’s going to show Lori that there’s more to her, and herself, than she ever knew before.

The most amazing thing about this work is the underlying humour that seeps into so much of what happens. While there are some serious moments, some lovely hot erotica, and the characters have their own compelling stories, it’s the running commentary from Kat at times that keeps the story full of light and makes it adorably cute so often.

Lori is a character who comes across in the work as being very real, grounded, and in need of someone to talk to. She has background, a story to tell, and as things unfold it’s nice to see how her story is given a means to be told, expanded on, and for her character to develop further.

As well, there are several secondary characters that I found fascinating, possibly the one I want to know the most about is Bianca. She’s mysterious but captivating as well. There’s an untold story which I feel like would be something amazing to tell. The hints about that are ones I wanted to see explored, but they weren’t. Still, that didn’t really disappoint me as her presence in the work more than made up for that.

The succubus of the story, or sex demon, is Kat and she’s wonderful. The thing about her is that what matters about her, what makes her an attractive character isn’t what she is, but who she is. Her personality shines in the work, her humour is joyfully shared, and I was just captivated by her. While she is a futa succubus, that isn’t important really to who Kat is. I make that point because while the erotica focuses upon that, the rest of the work really doesn’t very much. In doing so, that allows Kat to be who she is, to be part of Lori’s life, and to take that story, what it means to both characters, in directions that feel right most of all.

Kat does use her powers from time to time, but in doing so they are used in ways that make sense and aren’t in the story for the sake of proving that she is a succubus. There’s meaning to her actions, why she does things. There’s nothing foolish because of this, there are solid explanations to why things happen, what Kat can do, but the story isn’t bogged down in trying to explain every aspect of Kat. There’s a certain faith in her that one gets through the story and when Kat’s magic happens… It really is magic.

There are several hot flashes of erotica in the work which revolve around Kat and Lori. In these appear some really well described moments of Kat’s powers and their effect on Lori that I loved. A kiss with Kat is more than a kiss sometimes, and how that all unfolds was heartfelt and deliciously written. I didn’t feel like the erotica was over the top save for one scene which might have been pushing the limits of things a bit, but, again, the scene came to a close with a good, logical ending that I appreciated.

The work ends on a series of notes, allowing a lot of the storylines to complete. Still with that the ending leaves quite a number of paths open for Lori, Kat and Bianca and in doing so that leads towards the next work in the series, whatever form it may take. The ending isn’t sudden, it fits in with the story, it makes sense, and it left me wanting to see more. Really the best kind of ending for the first work in a series. A story closes the loop, but as well, it leaves threads to be pulled on and explored.

Really a wonderful story, amazing characters and the entire universe does have a lot of possibilities to play with. There are a few minor spelling mistakes here and there, but, very minor. I would have liked to know more about Kat, how things work, but that’s part of the appeal really. I also would have liked the story to be somewhat longer, mainly because the chemistry that Kat has with Lori, among others, would have been nice to see more of and explore further. I do hope that happens.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I want the next work in the series, right now. Seriously. I love Kat dearly… She reminds me of someone… I wonder who that could be? More than that, this work brings me a lot of hope for all the strength in the writing, the characters, and more.

I hope Kat returns very soon.




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    • James on January 15, 2016 at 1:15 am

    Did Your Majesty knock half a pitchfork off for the next work not having been published in the last 11 days?

    It is wonderful to see more succubi characters like these, and even better to see how these might well be the influence of Your Majesty’s writing and reviews.

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    • TeraS on January 26, 2016 at 1:05 am

    A hope for better to be my heart…


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