Jan 01 2016

The 2015 Succubi Year in Review

The single thing, at least from my perspective, about 2015 was the ending of things more than the beginning of things that had something to do with Succubi. As such, there aren’t really ten things that are positive points, really it is a mix of things overall for the year.

So, in no particular order, and in whatever way the thoughts came to me, here are my thoughts about Succubi and the year just past, 2015…

  • Lost Girl – Obviously the single thing that marks this year was the ending of Lost Girl. I still feel like the last season was a disappointment for how much didn’t really get any sense of completion when all was said and done. More so, the loss of Kenzi for most of the season, what happened to Trick and Tamsin, didn’t endear the series to me for what happened. What bothered me, more than anything else, was how the series walked away from the core question of who Bo is, to find her own way, and turned the last season towards her father, what he wanted, and what his plans for Bo were. Beyond that, the ending itself was more focused on him than Bo, or the main cast for that matter. If there is a “Lost Girl: The Next Generation” I will give it a chance… but then I doubt we’ll ever see that happen.
  • Dangerously Chloe – I feel like the series has been in a holding pattern for much of the year story-wise. There’s not been a lot of development of Chloe herself, there’s been nothing in the way of really telling a story other than a few little arcs that, by the end, haven’t done anything to progress her story, or really, any of the other main characters. I will say that the Valentine’s Day arc was fun and had some moments that worked, but otherwise? I just would like to see Chloe grow up. She really hasn’t as yet and I’d like to see that.
  • Yes, you know I have to rant over lousy costumes – I can count on the fingers of one hand how many costumes I found in the past year that were, in the smallest of ways, slightly better than the usual awful things I find. Considering there are at least two costume companies that can create reasonably nice looking costumes, other than Devils, I’m not calling them Succubi, because they aren’t, wouldn’t it be possible to create one single costume that I would actually need to have? I’m not expecting better this coming year, but still, hope springs eternal.
  • Sinfest – As much as I have liked that Fuchsia has progressed as a character, Baby Blue hasn’t. Abby has, in a really nice way, but Sapphire hasn’t. There’s a story to be told, but really it hasn’t this past year very much. Considering the past record of the series, I’m sort of expecting things to turn away from any kind of character development and return to a series of commentary over the elections that are coming soon. Still, there might be some side arcs for the Devil Girl characters as a whole, and I hope so. What happens next with Abby I think is going to be interesting. Still, Sapphire is a question mark and I’d like to know more about her.
  • New 2015 Succubi Book Series – There were actually a lot of series that started over the past year which have Succubi as main characters. By my count there were 22 series started, 7 of which never got past the first book in the series. Of the remaining 15, really only six were not stereotypical. I’m hoping for better in a lot of ways for 2016, but I can really only see three of these series started in 2015 that I have any real hope for. Why is it that so many authors see the word “Succubus” and have to immediately write an evil, over the top sexual being? How about using some imagination please?
  • Succubus Short Films – I noticed there were a number of short student films that appeared on YouTube in 2015 that had a Succubus character in them. However, they were mostly horror-themed, didn’t really have a Succubus as much as they had a female character that acted in a less-than Succubus-like fashion. Some where very stereotypically evil, or horrific, but, occasionally, there was a film that had a different take on things that I found to be interesting. Perhaps there will be more of that in 2016.
  • Video Games with Succubi – There were actually a lot of small little games that popped up in 2015, but they were shooter games, or maze games or similar sorts of things. If they came from Asia, they focused on succubi with one thing on their minds, and the games revolved around that one point. The other option were succubi that were really not so much succubi as they were an excuse to have over endowed enemies to fight in the game. I wonder when, if ever, there will be a succubus in a game that isn’t there for the sake of showing off her cleavage?
  • Cosplay – I think this was one of my more positive points in 2015 for the number of Cosplayers that have taken the idea of Succubi and given them a presence. By that I mean there are quite a number of them that have appeared in simply amazing costume, have the look and attitude of Succubi that I personally like to see. It’s nice to see Succubi cosplayed as being powerful, not eye candy.
  • Succubi Stories – With all of the books that have come out in 2015, the ones that are a single story and nothing more, there have been several that were really so very good and I wanted to see more from. Perhaps they will return and surprise me in 2016, but if not, there were a bright spot here and there, even if there were still a lot of short, poorly edited, hot flashes that were not.

That’s nine, and really the tenth is something that is special to me. Perhaps I’ll share that, sometime soon…

And as for my site… A few highlights for the year that Succubus.net had:

  • The Tale has over 1.4 million views in total.
  • The Tale has over 3,100 posts.
  • The SuccuWiki has surpassed well over 20 million views.
  • The SuccuWiki contains over 3,700 articles.
  • The Gallery of the Succubi has over 5,100 images.
  • The Tale and this site had their eighth anniversary in November.

For myself, I hope to write more, to write better. I would like to accomplish one thing that my heart and others have been poking my tail to accomplish… Perhaps it will happen, perhaps it will not… But no matter which does…

I wish you all a Happy 2016… May your coming year be happy and wonderful for you all…



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