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And so, the end of 2015 approaches. With it comes a lot of stories unfinished, a lot of things not done. Still, the stories come, as they do. Some of them are unexpected, some are what they are. Among all of them, sometimes a story appears that is the result of a question that is posed to me, here on the Tale or elsewhere. Some of those questions are requests, some are thoughtful wonderings, and, sometimes, the question brings about a story that might not be the answer I thought it was going to be.

By TeraS

There are questions that the Queen’s Office in the Realm receives on a regular basis. They come from all the points of the compass that one could imagine and parts of the universe that one might not. Many times, the questions themselves are meant for someone else in the Realm to reply to; other times, the questions aren’t.

On this particular day, the sun was shining upon a Realm covered in a few feet of snow. Tera was looking out her window in the Palace, smiling as she watched a group of succubi and incubi having a snowball fight … or, perhaps more accurately, a snowball orgy … It was kind of hard to tell from where she was standing at that moment.

But that didn’t stop her from smiling while taking a sip of her hot chocolate. As she did so, her office door opened, and Tera heard the clicking of the Receptionist’s heels as she came into the room. “So, why aren’t you out there? I’m sure there’s a tail or two that would be happy to see you?”

The Receptionist replied in a mock-stern tone: “And you aren’t there why, young lady?”

Turning from the window, Tera smiled warmly: “It’s too darn cold for my tail, and I don’t want to ruin one of Lil’s tail cozies out in the snow.”

A small stack of envelopes was placed on the corner of Tera’s desk as she was told: “That reminds me. I do need to visit her and see if she has anything planned for New Year’s.”

Placing her mug on the desk, Tera’s tone was amused: “Oh … I think Lil will be fine. She always seems to find the company she needs … though I cannot imagine why or how.”

Taking a chair nearby, the Receptionist produced her notepad and pen, settling in there and regarding her Queen: “Whenever you’re ready.”

Picking up the small stack, Tera wandered back over to the window, placing the letters on a table nearby and then selecting the first one from the pile. For a moment, she reconsidered whether she wouldn’t rather be out in the snow, but then she set to her work. The sound of her fingernail running through the flap and opening it echoed, softly, but crisply, through the room, followed by a rustling of papers and then a long pause as she read the contents of the first one.

When she was finished, the royal red-tail refolded the note and then tapped the edge of the letter against her lips … “It isn’t enough to want or ask. To ask the question is only the beginning. Such a choice isn’t one to be taken lightly or offered without due consideration. To offer, as you have, is a serious thing. Be careful that you are willing to accept what it means, what will be, before you take the next step. Look into yourself, into your soul, and see what is before you ask what might be.”

She placed the note back in its envelope, before laying it to the side, and repeating the process with the next … and the next … and the next …“I take the word ‘Mistress’ seriously. You need to take the word ‘Pet’ seriously, as well. Neither are names to be offered without due consideration and thought. You cannot demand that one be a Mistress, just as another cannot demand you be a Pet. Want isn’t enough. Desire isn’t enough. When you realize what is, then you will have the truth.” …

… “When you look into the mirror, and can see yourself there for who you are, then you have taken the first step. When the mirror looks back at you, then you see what you could be, and what you have to accept is part of yourself.” …

… “From our desires comes that which we wish to be true. In our dreams comes the reality we desire to be true. To wish our dreams to be our desires can only open the way to see. We are the ones that have to make our reality become real.” …

… “… a touch, a caress, a light breath upon one’s skin, the shiver of goosebumps as one gives up oneself to another, the bliss of being held, loved, and cherished …” …

… “… to be more than we are, to become that which none expect us to be, to be the way found for those that seek …” …

… “Because. No better answer can there be.” …

This continued for some time, occasionally interrupted by a snowball striking the window Tera stood at. She replied by sticking out her tongue and waving before returning to her answering…

The last letter was opened, the question read, and the final answer given …“Love, passion, joy … for always.”

As Tera spoke that final answer, she looked out the window to see those she loved dearly still playing in the snow, loving in their own ways, sharing their passions. She smiled, in joy, for that being here, always—love, passion, joy … for always.

The Receptionist gathered the letters and then strode from the room, calling out over her shoulder: “Now, go on and have some fun, will you?”

Her Majesty watched her leave, the door closing behind her. There were always questions, but it was in the answering that Tera found some of her own personal delights. But that didn’t mean that one couldn’t have her fun, as well.

The efficient administrator had just finished typing up the last reply when Tera’s door opened. It was a surprise when a red jacket and gloves were dropped on the assistant’s desk, the Savereign standing there in her own winter clothing: “Come on. You need to get out there as much as I do.”

She smiled, putting the jacket on: “Probably. But I still can put some snow down your back and watch you squirm, Missy.”

Tera smirked: “You wouldn’t dare.”

The answer, moments later as they both walked into the winter wonderland, was a handful of snow pushed down Tera’s collar before the ultra-efficient succubi ran off towards the waiting playmates in the snow, Tera in hot pursuit.

And there was one final answer, as their laughter and giggling was answered by all those around them.


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    • RKB Kirin on December 29, 2015 at 11:03 pm

    Very nice story. The imagery of a bunch of succubi and incubi engaged in a snowball fight with sexual overtones is utterly charming 🙂

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    • James on December 29, 2015 at 11:21 pm

    The answer to Your Majesty’s presence is increased joy . . . always.

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    • TeraS on January 26, 2016 at 12:57 am

    I hope so always…


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