Dec 19 2015

An interesting Succubus figurine concept video

I’ve noticed of late that there seems to be fewer Succubus figurines appearing. That doesn’t mean however that there isn’t ideas that I find from time to time… Even older ones that would have been interesting to see in reality…


If you cannot see this video on the Tale, please try this link.

And, of course, here is a screenshot of the figurine in case the video vanishes…

Alternate Succubus from Olivier Nkweti

Alternate Succubus
from Olivier Nkweti

I will admit that I don’t particularly care for her expression or the shape of her face, I think the overall look works well and her outfit seems to be a more modern expression of a Succubus which really doesn’t appear very often in figurines.

I wonder if the things she is holding in her hands are some kind of whip or something like that, I’m not really sure. I’m also not sure that works for her. It’s more of an action pose, as if she had just jumped down from somewhere above and I think it would have been more apt for her to have an actual whip in her hands…

Nonetheless, quite interesting I thought…



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