Dec 10 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 412

What I think is an interesting Succubus character today on the Tale for the Succubi of the Week. Overall I like her quite a lot, though her tail and feet are a bit odd at least from my point of view… But then, beyond that, there’s quite a lot about her that catches my attention…

Succubus by Sauriv

Succubus by Sauriv

This work is titled simply as Succubus and is by the artist Sauriv on DeviantArt. You can find the original page with this art here on DeviantArt and this artist’s page can be found here.

She has the most amazing expression really, somewhere between bored and indifferent that I think looks amazing. Lovely hair, really suits her quite well I think. She has a nice body shape and her pose draws attention to that as a whole along with her clothing which is perfect really.

I’m not exactly sure about her feet, which look odd, but then I suppose it’s a little touch, along with her wings and horns and tail, that give her a slightly devilish look. I would have liked her more with hooves, though really I’d rather have her in heels by far and a spaded tail, if for no other reason than to suit my sensibility over Succubi…

She represents someone that has a story to tell and I wonder about it…



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