Dec 02 2015

A crown with horns does not make Succubi appear

Devil Princess HornsOne of the things that bothers me is why costume horns have to be ugly. There are so few that look good, both in form but also in size. Obviously they have to either be on some kind of headband, or have a clip to attach them into one’s hair.

I prefer, as a whole, to have them as a hairband because I can work that into my hair better and the horns don’t look lopsided. But then I came across this set of horns, which are called the Devil Princess Horns.

They do look cheap, and they are. they sell for $7 US. The image here is a bit deceptive as she model is wearing a wig with the horns to cover up a lot of the flaws I think. But it doesn’t cover up all of them and it cannot overcome the cheapness of the horns themselves.

I have better, I have seen better, I have been gifted, by a dear friend, better than this…

And I will be sharing those.

One out of five pitchforks.

It isn’t at all a princess. It’s hardly Devilish as well if you need a wig to make them look better…



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