Nov 28 2015

A cute Lilith Aensland YouTube

Well, actually it isn’t Lilith Aensland as such, it is a character named Kawashiro Nitori cosplaying as Lilith Aensland, and I think she’s very cute. The music is a bit hyperactive, but as a whole I adore the image and, in some ways, I think the music works well here…


And if the video does not appear on the Tale, please try this link.

As well, here is the full image of Kawashiro Nitori cosplaying as Lilith Aensland which I found on Danbooru here.

Kawashiro Nitori cosplaying as Lilith Aensland by Yohane

Kawashiro Nitori cosplaying as Lilith Aensland by Yohane

I just really like the cuteness of this art and, honestly, seeing Lilith like this would be simply adorable I think really…




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    Lilith and Morrigan might be able to overcome the demons of copyright enforcement, but a cartoonist who creates a character that cosplays Lilith apparently cannot. A pity . . .

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    RKB Kirin

    Rats, looks like the video got pulled from the Youtube link too 🙁

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    Ah YouTube… How irritating you are…


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