Succubi Image of the Week 410

An image of Morrigan Aensland this time on the Tale, and it’s one that, when I first saw it, I had the oddest feeling that I was looking at Betty Boop in a way… Which, of course, made me smile and wonder…

Morrigan Aensland notice me sempai ! by chacrawarrior

Morrigan Aensland notice me sempai ! by chacrawarrior

This work is by an artist on DeviantArt called Chacrawarrior and you can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page is here as well.

I just love the cuteness of this art of Morrigan. As I mentioned, I had a moment when I thought she looked a but like Betty Boop, that being in her expression and that bit of blush on her cheeks. While she isn’t really, the overall tone of this art seems to be more fun and cute above all else and, for me. I do adore Morrigan when she’s being cute and a bit sexy as well.

Lovely details here, in the shine, her expression, the texture of her wings and hair. Even the bit of fringe around her chest really looks wonderful and I do love the overall look, even if, of course, one’s eyes are drawn a bit towards Morrigan’s cleavage here.

Cute matters a lot, Morrigan is very cute and adorable… All things that I love so very much…




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    • James on November 28, 2015 at 11:28 pm

    “Your eyes are only drawn A BIT toward my cleavage?” she asks. “I must be slipping.”

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    • TeraS on January 26, 2016 at 12:13 am

    Or something else might be slipping soon…


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