Nov 22 2015

It’s the Eighth Taleaversary

Today is the eighth anniversary of the Tale. To be truthful I missed it, for various reasons, but my heart, bless him, reminded me of this being so a little while ago. This then brought to me a thought which I haven’t really expressed well I think.

I don’t think I have ever really said how much he means to me. What it means to see his comments here on the Tale, the thoughts shared between us about all sorts of things. The ways in which his light has helped me. How in some way I have done so for him as well.

It’s hard to put into words what it means to me to see his comments. They make me smile, laugh, be thoughtful and considered. For all of this, and more, I thank him…

My heart is closest to me, but he isn’t alone here.

There is Legion, who, as a dear friend, comments here and there, and I am thankful for him.

There is Pocong, who does make me smile, and his wrestling comments do make me smile.

Dearest Elliot, who’s quiet words I look forward to always.

My Hero, for being himself, and being who he is.

Lovely Aria, who I adore and hold with me every day.

David, for being a friend and being there.

Darkness, for just being there.

My thanks to Terry, Eden, Dou7g, and all of the authors and other commentators that took the time to write a comment here on the Tale.

To all of you that have visited, read my scattered thoughts and more…


Thank you.



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