Nov 14 2015

A YouTube of a Morrigan Aensland Figurine

A YouTube this week of a Morrigan Aensland figurine that I haven’t seen before to be honest and one that I think really “displays” her in a way that I think is a bit painful to look at…


And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, please try this link.

And here is an image of the figurine, which I think shows well why I think the pose is a bit… painful.

Morrigan Aensland Figurine

I don’t have this figurine in my wiki and I don’t recall ever seeing this one in my wanderings of the web looking for Succubus figurines. So, if anyone can tell me more, I would appreciate it!




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    As ever, I bring no useful information to the Tale, Your Majesty.

    If, however, we take this as a true figure of Morrigan, then it brings us some, I believe: this figurine seems to show Morrigan bent over backwards and quite aroused, as if she has been sexually dominated. We know that no one dominates the Queen of the Succubi, therefore Queen Tera is definitely more powerful than Morrigan.

    Unless, of course, this is simply the wet dream of some artist, with no basis in reality . . .

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    Morrigan is probably the one person in the universe that artists can justifiably depict in weird positions like that. A lady would have to be able to defy gravity to pull that pose off and thankfully Morrigan can do just that.

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    Well here is some of the info I could pull up My Queen. Hope it is useful is this statue something you have been looking for for your collection?

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    There are more “wet” ones to be found my heart by far…


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