As Lost Girl rides off into the sunset… I still want to see Bo with horns and a tail.

And so it ends… Lost Girl ends with a bang, a whimper, tears, and, perhaps, a little bit of hope. Overall I think that it wasn’t a really bad episode, though it felt very much like two or three episodes worth of themes and plots were driven into this one in order to being the series to a close. The series has always had that problem, why I can’t say, but it is a problem. There seems to be a lot of wasted time through most of the season and then, suddenly, the series realizes there is a finale now and has to scramble to get everything in that needs to be there.

I didn’t feel like Bo turned out to be the most powerful part of this episode by any means. What happened to Tamsin, her legacy, the things revealed before the light came for her, were far more powerful than watching Bo cave into her father, or lose herself, or all of the things that Bo did as a whole. It doesn’t matter, it isn’t important, to watch Bo standing on the roof of a motorhome, turning in circles and saying nothing while some music is played over the imagery. It’s not.

The most powerful moment was Tamsin saying her daughter’s name and then passing on. Next to that I think would be the final Daughter/Father talk-slash-fight in what is said and the truths in it. Beyond those to moments, the rest of the episode didn’t have the same power. That’s not to say there weren’t some really fun moments, Vex being a lot of that, for there were. But there was also too much time spent on watching Bo feed, over and over again, and at those points the episode came to a stop and it shouldn’t have.

Dark Bo was… well, other than Dark, she was really disappointing because it seemed to me that Bo was far more powerful than her father was. Instead of being “evil” she seemed more of an addict to the Chi she fed on. I expected more than her falling to her knees, almost worshipping the ground that Hades walked on. In all honesty, I think it would have had far more impact if Bo had simply killed Hades outright when she turned Dark. Having her really go all “Dark Queen” and then have her, at the moment of her rule, falling to the truth that is at her core. She isn’t all evil, she is more, and that’s where things could have been very interesting.

Instead we see Bo and Hades standing under a railway bridge, waving their hands at each other and.. talking. The thing is, however, the truths that Bo tells Hades are that. Truths. They aren’t lies wrapped in truth and when they affect Hades, that’s quite telling. I still wonder about Hades being lashed to a piece of torture equipment, Bo walking in with a cat-of-nine-tails, and having her way with him. I wonder what it would have been like if Hades had actually tasted Bo’s blood. Hades as a thrall to Bo? It would have been amazing I think.

It was good to see Kenzi being Bo’s heart, believing in her, trying her best to bring Bo back, no matter what the cost might be. That was something really missing from her previous appearances this season, not to mention Kenzi missing as a whole. However, that scene on the roof of the motorhome made me cringe. It was Kenzi and yet it wasn’t. I wonder if that was ab-libbed or if a writer took a wild guess at what Kenzi would say in that situation. Whatever it was, it wasn’t Kenzi. The words were close, but they were too many, too wild, and more, too out of place in the situation. Kenzi has been in this position before and she was to the point, if using Kenzi-isms to get there. This time that was lacking. It’s a shame because there was promise in that moment.

The rest of the cast were there, but not really in focus much, save for Vex, who I was quite happy to see get a lot of time in the episode. Vex is a character that brings so much with him to the series and I wish he had been there more than he was. Mark was an aside, not really there save for the occasional quip. And when Mark asked who Jerry Garcia was, I really wanted to see everyone else look at him in disbelief, possible Vex giving him a slap and rolling his eyes.

Lauren’s appearance was there, if faintly, but the most important moment, the reconciliation of her relationship with Bo was well done I thought. As well, the scene with Lauren and Dyson putting out their own views about Bo, what they felt when the other was with her, I think added a missing element to the story as a whole and it was well done.

Which brings me to Dagny. If there was consideration to a “Lost Girl: TNG” at any point, she’s an interesting character to watch. But I honestly would have rather had Tamsin. There’s a lot of story about her left undone and I feel that loss more than anything else. In the end, at least for me, the series comes to a close with threads unfinished, new ones started and while there is some feel good as well, ending the series on the trope of “evil never dies” has been well overdone. I hoped for something better than that, but… well, it is what it is. I’ll have to accept that.

Perhaps, at some point, the idea of doing something different for ending a series might happen and I hope it does. When you have an episode with some good in it, it is hard to accept things when the ending just moves off so formulaically. This could have been better, should have been better. I dearly wish it was.

The sixteenth episode of the fifth season, also episode seventy-seven of the Lost Girl TV series, and… the series finale (sigh)… was this week. Hades makes Bo get in touch with her dark side, then she turns Hades into overcooked bacon, before Bo makes a promise. Dyson tries not to tell Vex how to drive, then gets into a street fight, before having a lot of drinks, if not all for himself. Lauren gets in touch with her midwife skills and then faces the truth on a car hood. Kenzi puts a horseshoe were the sun doesn’t shine, and then gets a daughter to look after. Vex proves that there’s more to life than fetishes, there’s fine china while Mark gets the lay of the land and goes on the straight and narrow. Tamsin finds the key she needs unexpectedly, and then learns that the strongest warrior is the one that creates a legacy to be remembered.

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This is the sixteenth and final review of the fifth season of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo is taught an important lesson when she sees that when you are at your end, you have to…




When the episode was originally shown on Showcase, there was a short additional program which ran before the actual episode began. Anna Silk was shown watching a series of thank you video letters which Lost Girl fans sent to her from the September 3rd, 2015 Fan Expo Canada convention held in Toronto. Following the videos, Anna spoke to the viewers of Lost Girl and expressed her thanks to the fans, for them reminding her, always, that the series mattered, and ending with: “We did it for you, so thank you very much.”

The episode opened with a recap of the previous episode including: Bo and Kenzi arriving at the Fae horse ranch, Bo saying that she needed to find the Pyrippus, explaining that it had been depicted as a stallion that breathes fire, Kenzi adding that they believe they can control it with the horseshoe that Bo possesses. After an image of the fire breathing stallion that Bo encountered is shown, Bo reveals that she is the Pyrippus. Hades then asking Tamsin how she is, Tamsin resisting him, then being seen crying out to Bo for help when Bo arrived at Hades’ condominium. Bo is then seen telling Hades he has no need for Tamsin, Hades’ then telling Bo that when Tamsin’s baby is born, Tamsin will die. Bo is then shown pouring gasoline over the clubhouse, to prove herself to Hades, then calling Kenzi to draw her Family into the trap Bo has set. Lauren, Dyson, Kenzi and Mark are then seen trapped in the clubhouse as it burns, Hades asking Bo if she wants to save them, but Bo replying: “Let them burn.”

The episode begins with Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) still holding up the ceiling crossmember that had collapsed to keep it from falling onto the others, shouting: “If I let this go, the whole building comes down!” Lauren (Zoie Palmer) sees something in the smoke and draws it to Kenzi’s (Ksenia Solo) attention. The pair then notice that the horseshoe is holding the flames back from coming closer, akin to a forcefield around them. There is the sound of wood breaking from another direction and Bruce (Rob Archer) smashes his way inside, pausing and calling out: “Hey guys.” The scene then moves to outside of the clubhouse where Mark (Luke Bilyk), Lauren, Dyson, Kenzi and Bruce are shown to have escaped the fire and gather around a nearby fence. As Bruce looks at the clubhouse he comments: “It’s the end of an era.” Kenzi asks: “Why are you here? I mean, Bruce, how did you know?” Bruce explains: “Bo called. Told me to meet her here.” Mark asks: “Bo did this?” Kenzi refuses to believe this, replying: “Don’t think that for a second she called Bruce.” Mark tells Kenzi: “She trapped us!” Showing Mark the horseshoe, Kenzi insists: “She also planted this! She took it from my bag and she put it there to help us! I’ve seen this thing shield Bo from fire!” Lauren nods: “She knew it would protect us.” Mark asks: “What’s the point of trying to murder us anyway?” Dyson calmly replies: “To prove allegiance. This must be part of her plan to take down Hades.” Kenzi nods: “She wants him to think we’re dead, so we have to play along.” Dyson agrees and adds: “We need to move. We need to get to the Elders.” Lauren asks how they can travel and remain invisible, Mark answering: “I’ve got an idea. It’s a good one I swear.” Kenzi then turns back to look at the burning clubhouse and whispers: “Goodbye crack shack. Bo, this better be the greatest plan ever.” Kenzi then turns away, the rest following her as the clubhouse continues to burn.

Bo (Anna Silk) and Hades (Eric Roberts) are then shown at Hades’ condominium, Hades gloating: “Father and daughter finally side by side. It’s time to fulfill your destiny. There’s nothing left to hold you back.” Bo replies: “There is one thing. Your backup plan. I don’t want her around.” Hades chuckles: “Sibling rivalry. You’re reminding me more and more of myself.” Bo responds: “You only have one daughter. I’m it.” Hades nods: “Consider it taken care of.” Bo stops Hades and tells him: “I want to do it. I want to kill Tamsin.”

Tamsin is then seen, still imprisoned as Bo approaches her. Tamsin approaches the bars, whispering Bo’s name, but Bo does not reply. Tamsin sees Hades standing nearby and tells Bo: “Whatever he’s done to you, you need to snap out of it. Do you hear me? Listen, I know what it’s like. Jack took control of me in Valhalla, do you remember? And you helped me out of it. You have the power to fight him.” Bo does not reply to any of this and Tamsin begs Bo to say something. Bo still does not, but kneels down on the other side of the bars from Tamsin, touches one of Tamsin’s hands and then the two kiss. When the kiss ends, Bo begins to take Tamsin’s Chi from her until Tamsin collapses on the floor. Bo then stands, her eyes glowing blue and tells Hades: “Time to get my destiny on… Daddy.”

Following the opening credits we return to a black motorhome making its way through the city. Inside, Vex (Paul Amos) is shown at the wheel, Dyson standing next to him. Mark is in the passenger front seat while Lauren and Kenzi are in the back. Dyson tells Vex: “First things first, we get word back to the Elders, get them mobilized.” Mark nods: “A proper defence is only as good as its counter-offence.” As they continue to discuss matters, Kenzi is seen in the back of the motorhome looking around her, picking up a string of unused condoms before dropping them to the floor. Dyson continues: “Whatever Bo’s plan is, we’ll give one helluva fight.” Kenzi then calls out: “Who needs weapons when you’ve got mascara and heels?” Vex calls out: “Hey! Those Louboutin’s could take an eye out!” Lauren then asks: “Vex, where do you keep your tweezers and duct tape, your pharmaceuticals… Watch out!” As Lauren yells, a truck cuts them off and Vex is forced to swerve to miss them, he then calling out: “Hey! Let’s get something straight. As long as we’re in my motorized caravan there will be no backseat driving, alright?” Vex then looks into the back of the motorhome and yells: “Hey! Put those back!” Kenzi then walks towards the front, carrying a small tea cup and comments: “You know, of all the creepy fetishes how is this your weirdest, hmm?” Vex continues to drive as he explains: “I’ll have you know that’s German Weimar porcelain. I’ve got a life outside of you people.” Dyson smiles and taps Vex on his shoulder as he urges him: “Get us there fast. Get us there safe. We’re in your hands.” Vex then gestures from left to right in front of him which makes the truck move out of their way and Vex passes it commenting: “Excuse me.”

Back at Hades’ condominium, Bo walks with Hades towards an altar positioned by the balcony where, drawn into the stone, in an image of the Pyrippus. Bo comments: “There I am. Fire-breathing mass destruction. Should I pick up some Tums?” Hades replies: “Oh these are not flames, these are steams of life force. Chi. Consumed by my daughter. My Pyrippus. Bo and Hades then approach the altar from opposite sides, Bo whispering: “I’m gonna feed off the entire city.” Hades replies: “First the colony. Then the continent. And once we’re strong enough.” Bo whispers in surprise: “The world.” Hades continues: “Every single human and Fae.” Then Hades reveals: “I know you didn’t kill Tamsin my sweet daughter. It’s time to cut your long game short.” Bo asks: “If you didn’t think this was real, why did you play along?” Hades chuckles: “Because I have you right where I want you.” Bo’s boots are then shown transforming, as the Hellskor appear and lock Bo’s feet where she stands, Bo not being able to move. When Bo asks what is happening, Hades explains: “The hell shoes that took you to Valhalla serve me. I made them to keep you where I want you until you feed.” After struggling a moment, Bo tells Hades: “I will never.” Hades laughs: “It’s in your nature Succubus. You can’t avoid what you were made for.” Bo resists, telling Hades: “You can’t make me do this. I emancipated myself from you. I have nothing to do with you!” Hades disagrees, pointing out: “Nothing to do with me? Our connection runs much deeper than a handprint. Deeper than hell shoes. It runs deeper than blood. I created you! For me.” Bo answers: “Push notification: ‘You didn’t raise me.’ I was raised by a good mother, Mary Dennis. You had nothing to do with me! You don’t have a say!” Hades smirks: “I don’t have a say? I don’t have a say. Hmph, you’re right.” Hades then steps away from Bo, then continues: “But even if I didn’t raise you. Even if I wasn’t in your life, you found death all on your own. Remember? Your first?” Bo whispers: “Kyle was a long time ago. It was a mistake. I’ve learned since then.” Hades questions: “Have you? Cause it seems to me that death just keeps following you. Hale. Rainer. Trick. Aife.” Bo shakes her head: “No. You killed Aife. You killed Trick.” Hades grabs Bo from behind and growls: “I did it for you. To lead you to this very moment. Death is your birthright. It is your path!” Bo resists, telling Hades: “It’s a path you cannot force me to follow.” Hades smiles: “Bo, it’s time for you to embrace your true self. Enjoy it.” Bo whispers: “No.” as Hades continues: “Once you start, you won’t be able to stop. You will love it. I know you can feel it. The hunger. The darkness. The power. You’ve tried to run from it for years, but it’s not a choice.” Bo answers: “I stopped running a long time ago. I found my family.” Hades tells Bo in disgust: “Family? You mean Kenzi? Did she stay?” Bo cries: “Don’t you dare.” Hades continues: “And Tamsin. Poor Tamsin. After she falls in love with you and you break her heart. Did she stay?” Bo cries out: “Stop!” But Hades does not stop, telling Bo: “And then the thing you wanted most. Imagine. A Succubus wanting a Friday night date at the movies kind of relationship. How’d that go for ya? Dyson? That didn’t last, no! And Lauren. Lauren dumped you not once but twice! And even if it had worked out with Lauren eventually you would have to watch her wither and die with age because death is part of who you are!” Bo shrieks out loudly: “NO!” Then Hades tells Bo: “You and I. We’re not capable of love.” Bo gasps, her head falling forwards as Hades steps back and commands: “Now feed.” When Bo raises her head, her eyes are bright blue, her mouth is hanging slightly open and then she whispers: “Only I will choose who lives.” Hades smiles: “That’s my girl.” Bo then outstretches her hands and opens her mouth to feed, moments later many streams of Chi begin to waft up from the city below and flood into her. As Bo does so, the carving in the stone of the altar beings to glow, the Chi moving through Bo, then into the stone, making the carving glow with the Chi that Bo has consumed from the city. The streets below are then shown, people looking upwards for a moment, then the Chi leaving their bodies and travelling towards Bo, more and more individuals being seen collapsed to the ground and unmoving.

Vex’s motorhome is then seen travelling the city streets, a closeup of the rear license plate showing it reads: PPTMSTER before Lauren is shown working on something. She comments: “Improvised sedative gun. Thank you Karen Beattie.” Dyson smiles: “Woman of wisdom and eco-terrorist weaponry. Glad we’re on the same team.” Lauren tells Dyson: “Well, I’m glad you are the one leading us. We’re gonna go get our girls.” Dyson is silent a moment, looking away, then tells Lauren: “I used to worry about her all the time.” Lauren smiles: “It’s the nature of the Succubus. But then she found her family.” Dyson shakes his head: “No, she found you. When you were together I didn’t worry so much.” Lauren sighs: “Yeah. Then I pushed her away.” Dyson tells Lauren: “I know you think you can’t be with Bo. But you’re wrong. It’s messy yes. It’s complicated. And it’s worth it.” Lauren admits: “You know I used to worry about her. What would happen to her when I die and I realized I don’t have to. She’ll have you.” Neither says anything for a moment, then they touch each others hands and nod slightly. Kenzi then calls them both to the front of the motorhome where Vex comments: Either this is Aurora Borealis or that Jerry Garcia weekend is coming back to haunt me.” Mark asks: “Who is Jerry Garcia?” Dyson answers: “It’s Bo. She’s feeding.” Kenzi admits: “I just peed.” and when Vex looks at her, Kenzi continues: “Only a little.” Lauren explains: “Her group suck. We’re seen this before, but now it’s the entire city. She’s gone full Dark Queen.” Kenzi sighs: “Or full-on Pyrippus.” Lauren is confused asking: “It doesn’t make any sense. How come we’re not affected?” Mark comments: “Lucky charm” as Kenzi rushes into the back of the motorhome and then returns with the horseshoe, adding: “It’s magically delicious.” Lauren nods: “Of course. First the fire, now this. This horseshoe is protecting us from all things Pyrippus.” Dyson whispers: “Not the Elders.” The motorhome is then seen turning a corner, the Chi of the city floating above the streets and rushing upwards to where Bo continues to feed. Hades watches and gloats: “That’s it Bo. Beautiful. Amazing. Oh, yes, yes.” As Bo continues, the carving continues to fill with Chi, the light growing brighter and covering more of the image as time passes.

Dyson, Lauren, Kenzi, Vex and Mark are then seen entering the Dal Riata where they find all of the Fae Elders laying on the floor, Bo having taken the Chi from them all. Kenzi touches one the Elders and tells Lauren: “Doc! No pulse!” Lauren cries out: “Oh no, no there’s nothing… I can’t do anything! They’re gone!” As Mark checks another of the Elders he answers: “And so goes our manpower.” Vex asks: “From what we saw outside, does rhatr mean everyone but us is…” Dyson sighs: “Dead.” Lauren whispers: “Jack has completely taken her over. She’s lost.” Kenzi walks through the Dal Riata and whispers to herself: “Bobo… What have you done?”

Returning to Bo and Hades, Bo completes feeding on the Chi of the city and then, in her other voice, eyes glowing brightly, she proclaims: “I can be more powerful than all other Fae. Everyone will kneel at my feet. There will be no more Dark and no more Light. There will be only me. My true army cometh. Humans. Fae. All will bow before me. I am your Queen!” As Bo finishes speaking, Hades is seen standing nearby and smiling in approval of Bo’s actions.

Following the first commercial break, Bo drops to her knees upon the altar and cries: “That was incredible. More. I need more. All of it. Everything like you promised!” Hades approaches Bo, chiding: “Patience sweet pea. In order to rule, we need soldiers. An army. Now it’s time I fill them with my will. Followers, they’re all the same.” Bo replies: “What they need is direction. Yours.”

Tamsin is seen laying on the floor of her cell, not moving, but then opens her eyes and sits up. After looking around for a moment, Tamsin removes a key that had been hidden in her mouth, Bo having transferred it to Tamsin when she kissed Tamsin earlier in the episode. As Tamsin works to open the lock she sings in a soft voice: “If you wanna know, if she loves you so, it’s in her kiss. That’s where it is.”

The scene then moves to a city street where Vex’s motorhome has stopped. Vex, Dyson, Lauren, Kenzi and Mark are then seen walking together outside of the motorhome and down the street. Seeing some police officers laying in the street, Dyson comments: “I know these officers. They were good men.” Mark asks how many there might be and Kenzi answers: “Bo couldn’t have done this. it was Jack. It had to be him.” Lauren begins to tell Kenzi something, but Kenzi turns on her exclaiming: “What? You think she did this?” Lauren points out they all saw the blue light and the evidence points at what has happening being caused by Bo. Kenzi insists that Bo, if she did cause the disaster, was forced by Hades to do so, telling Lauren: “He’s controlling the Pyrippus inside of her.” Mark then comments: “Just like he made her almost burn us to death?” Kenzi asks Dyson: “D, c’mon, back me up.” Dyson tells her: “Kenz, open your eyes, look around.” Kenzi angrily pushes Dyson, telling him: “Oh what? You think she’s evil now too? Is that it? You know I’d expect this from somebody else but not from you.” Kenzi steps back, then asks: “Guys. What if we lost her?” Kenzi then begins to sob and cry, Dyson then holding her and promising: “Then we’ll find her again. Kenz, we’ll find her. We’re not giving up.” Lauren adds: “And no one ever will. We will save Tamsin, we will save Bo.” Kenzi says nothing, only nodding in response. As Lauren check a body for a pulse she whispers: “God, please let there be a Bo to save.”

Returning to Bo and Hades, they are looking at the mural of the Pyrippus, Hades frowning as he comments: “Something isn’t right. There is still free will in the territory.” Bo replies: “That’s impossible. I fed off everyone.” Hades tells Bo: “If you had, then my steed would be complete. Who is still alive?” Bo is silent, then answers: “My former allies.” Hades demands to know how this is possible and Bo reveals: “The horseshoe forged for me by the Ancients.” Hades fumes: “That is what Zee was up to. She knew it would be used against me.” Bo then kneels and begs Hades for forgiveness explaining: “It was before I accepted my true destiny.” Hades places his hand under Bo’s chin, making her look up as he demands: “Find them. Take it back.” Bo stands, her eyes glowing bright blue as she tells Hades: “I will devour them.” Hades nods: “Hell on Earth Baby. Make it happen.” Bo then leaves as the mural is shown, almost completed with the Chi that courses through it save for one figure that is not. Hades then ascends to the altar and calls out: “Guardians of the city. Rise.”

The scene then shifts back to where Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren, Vex and Mark are nearby a police station. Dyson calls Kenzi over to him as the bodies of the police officers begin to move, gather, and close in on them, their weapons drawn. As Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren, Vex and Mark are surrounded, Lauren comments: “I think I just peed.” Kenzi moans: “See?” When Lauren asks Dyson what is happening, he replies: “How many syringes have you got in that thing?” Lauren answers: “Not nearly enough.” Vex comments: “Here’s one for you: How many stiffs does it take to destroy a motorized caravan and all its inhabitants?” Lauren answers: “That depends. Do proposed inhabitants happen to have a life saving horseshoe?” The officers then open fire, but their attack is repelled by a forcefield that surrounds Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren, Vex and Mark as they move towards the motorhome. Kenzi calls out: “I am so marrying this thing when we’re done!” As they enter, the shield then surrounds the motorhome, continuing to protect them from harm as the attack continues.

Following another commercial break, Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren, Vex and Mark are at a standoff with the police who are acting under Hades’ control. One officer using a bullhorn calls out: “We pledge our servitude to Hades, the Dark Lord. Surrender! Or be terminated!” Dyson sighs: “This is how he planned on bringing Hell on Earth. Not by raising souls from Tartarus…” Lauren adds: “…by raising them here. But first he needed to drain them.” Kenzi sighs: “Enter Bo’s Chi suck.” Vex tells them: “How about we talk about this over tea when we’re not being shot at?” Kenzi then whispers: “Tamsin…” Tamsin is then seen walking towards the motorhome, the assembled officers turning their weapons towards her. As she approaches, Tamsin comments: “I knew you guys didn’t like me on the force, but this is a little extreme don’t you think? You shift’s up.” Tamsin uses her powers of doubt to cause all of the officers to fall to the ground, their threat ended for the moment. Tamsin enters the motorhome and then asks: “What’s up motherfae-ers?” Dyson whispers: “Your doubt overcame Hades.” Lauren sighs: “She is carrying his child.” Kenzi smiles: “You’re doubting for two.” Tamsin asks where Bo is and Kenzi replies: “She went Pyrippus.” Tamsin disagrees, telling Kenzi: “No. She didn’t. She kissed me…” Lauren snidely replies: “Oh, well, if she kissed you.” Tamsin explains: “To put the key in my mouth, to save me, to help me escape.” Kenzi comments: “A signature move she learned from me in Heccuba prison.” Lauren asks if Bo had done this before or after she had fed off the city, Tamsin not able to reply as there is the sound of something landing on the roof of the motorhome.

Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren, Tamsin, Vex and Mark leave the motorhome and discover that Bo is standing on the roof, glaring at them and saying nothing. When Bo does not respond to calling out her name, Kenzi moves towards Bo, but Dyson stops her, intending to confront Bo himself. Kenzi tells Dyson: “I’ll handle this. I’m the only one that can bring her back. I’m her heart remember?” Kenzi then approached Bo, carrying the horseshoe, and after climbing onto the roof of the motorhome, calls out to Bo: “Bobes? Bobo? Boom Boom-Bo? It’s me. Kenzi. K-Star. Clog-the-drain-with-a-hair-ball-Malikov. Look, we’ve been through all of this before right? Djieiene spiders, Kitsunes, Even when Tamsin when Jack Nicholson evil. But we always come back.” Bo says nothing as Kenzi continues to speak while Dyson, Lauren, Tamsin, Vex and Mark watch from below. Kenzi continues: “Because we’ve got back and this Kenzi-conda don’t want none unless you got buns. Hun. Look, I left, I know, and I’m sorry. But you were with me every second that I was away and that is never gonna change. Because you’re my sister from another mister. Until the end. So please, please come back to me.” Bo moves closer to Kenzi, her eyes still bright blue, Kenzi whispering: “So what? Your eyes are glowing a shade of hell. I know that it’s not you. It’s him. So, please come back to fight him with us. Cause we need you. I need you.” Bo’s eyes lose their glow and she whispers: “Kenzi?” Kenzi hugs Bo happily, but as Kenzi does so, Bo’s hold on Kenzi becomes tighter, Kenzi telling Bo that she is hurting her. When Kenzi moves back, Bo reveals she has the horseshoe, having taken it from Kenzi. Bo tells Kenzi: “This is mine.” and then throws Kenzi off the roof of the motorhome, Dyson managing to catch her before Kenzi can be harmed. Bo is then seen ripping the horseshoe in half, throwing the pieces away from her and then starting to feed on her Family.

After still another commercial break, Bo is seen in closeup feeding, her eyes glowing brightly and the Chi of Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren, Tamsin, Vex and Mark entering her body. Bo then blinks once and a series of flashbacks from the series are shown where Bo fed on each of her family in the past, the memories coming with their Chi and reminding her of who they are and what they mean to her. Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren, Tamsin, Vex and Mark are then seen laying on the ground, their Chi still living their bodies followed by more memories of Bo being with them and feeding on them in the past. The last series of flashback images being of Lauren. Bo is then seen stopping her feeding, her eyes returning to normal and whispering: “Oh my god.” as she leaves the roof of the motorhome. As Bo approaches Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren, Tamsin, Vex and Mark, they are all seen to be recovering slowly from Bo’s attack on them. Bo kneels in front of Lauren and whispers: “God. Oh god, what have I done?” Lauren rolls over, clutching her stomach and asks: “Bo? Is that you?” But Bo says nothing, looking at the destruction that she has caused.

The next scene begins with Bo in the motorhome with Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren, Tamsin, Vex and Mark as they travel together. Bo berates herself: “How could I let this happen?” Kenzi tries to comfort Bo, but Bo angrily answers: “No! I don’t want sympathy. I wanna fix this. He broke me. He broke my spirit. He showed me who I really am. A killer. He wants to use me to feed so he can build his Dark Army.” Lauren asks how they can stop Hades and Bo replies: “There’s only one way. I go Pyrippus on him.” Tamsin asks: “Don’t you mean Dark Queen?” Bo sighs: “They’re one in the same and they’re stronger by the minute. The only problem is that I can’t control it. I can’t risk hurting people again, I can’t risk hurting you guys again.” Dyson tells Bo: “You’re tapped into it before, without him. After your Dawning, with the Lich, you saved us.” Lauren agrees with Dyson, but Bo insists: “No, I didn’t, it just happened.” Tamsin tells Bo: “Because you’re evil.” Dyson chides Tamsin, telling her that she isn’t helping, but Lauren tells Dyson: “You know what? Let her. She’s actually pretty good at this.” Tamsin continues: “You’re evil. But you are also good. We all have both inside of us, good and evil and if he created a monster then let’s use it against him.” Bo sighs: “I don’t know how.” Lauren reminds Bo that when they first met, she didn’t have any control and over time she gained the control she needed. Dyson agrees as well, telling Bo: “I was there and I will be there when you learn to control it now. I will always be there.” Bo tells Dyson: “My mom wasn’t able to suck the Dark Lord’s Chi, how can I fight him?” Lauren asks Bo: “Why didn’t you kill us? What made you come back?” Bo replies: “All of you. I remember how each of you taste. Your love brought me back. You guys are my family and I love you all very much.” Vex then cries out: “Bloody hell!” as he brings the motorhome to a screeching halt. It is then shown that the Dark and Light Fae Elders are blocking the toad in front of the motorhome, forcing it to stop. Vex comments: “I don’t think they are here to help.” Dyson sighs: “Twelve of the most powerful Fae and it’s down to a fist fight. Tamsin cries out in surprise as her water breaks and Kenzi yells: “That is not pee!” Lauren tells Tamsin her water has broke and she is about to give birth. As Dyson helps Lauren to guide Tamsin towards the rear of the motorhome, Dyson comments: “It’s a good thing we have a doctor on board.” Bo tells Lauren and Kenzi to remain with Tamsin and help her while telling Dyson, Vex and Mark: “No Elders get near this camper. Remember. Nobody dies. They’re under Hades’ control.” Bo then looks out the windshield and smiles: “I’ve got Big Bad Dad.” as Hades walks towards them.

Dyson, Vex and Mark take up positions in front of the motorhome, Dyson asking Vex: “How many of these Elders do you think you can mesmer at once?” Vex smiles: “We’re about to find out.” Tamsin is then shown crying out in pain as she clutches Kenzi hand: “It hurts!” while Kenzi winces and yells: “You’re telling me!” Tamsin adding: “I feel like I am being torn in half!” Lauren tells Tamsin: “I need you to breathe, just breathe in and out. Kenzi, I need blankets.” Kenzi rushes off, Tamsin begging Kenzi to stay. Kenzi finds some towels, throws them beside Lauren, and then takes Tamsin’s hand once more. Tamsin continues to suffer through her child’s birth and Kenzi tells her: “Remember when we took yoga at the Y? You gotta Pranayama that shit okay?” Kenzi then starts a rhythmic chant of “In.. Out…” as Tamsin tries to breath in time with Kenzi until she screams out in pain and Kenzi does as well, Kenzi crying out: “Namaste!”

Outside of the motorhome, Bo is seen walking underneath a bridge where Hades is awaiting her. As she comes closer, Bo tells Hades: “Isolate me from my friends. Break me up with my girlfriend. Kill Aife. Kill Trick. Try all you will, you will not break me.” Hades laughs: “That is sweet but I’m not here for you. Why do you think I let you keep Tamsin alive? I’m here for my baby.” Bo replies: “Then you’ll have to get through me first. As long as I’m around. I’m the favourite child.” Hades smiles: “Is that a fact?” Bo moves closer, telling Hades: “Time for our first Father-Daughter dance.” Hades chuckles: “You want a fight Bo? I’ll give you one, but you’ll lose.” Hades raises his right hand, which glows blue with his power and moves towards Bo who take a step backwards in surprise.

After still another commercial break ends, Vex is seen using his powers to force a group of Elder Fae to drop their weapons and then holds them in place, two of the Elders demanding that Tamsin’s child be given to them. Inside of the motorhome, Kenzi continues to talk to Tamsin, telling her “you’re doing good!” as Lauren continues to look after the baby during the birth. Tamsin tells Kenzi: “I should be out there fighting! I’m a warrior!” Lauren tells Tamsin: “Listen to me! What you are about to do is brave Tamsin, possibly the bravest.” Outside of the motorhome, Dyson and Mark are seen in hand-to-hand combat with Fae around the motorhome, keeping them from entering. Back inside, Kenzi tells Tamsin: “This, right here, is what it means to be a warrior okay? You got this girl. Breathe!” Tamsin cries out once more while Kenzi looks outside to see what is happening as Lauren then tells Tamsin: “Tamsin, it’s time to push. Okay, come on!”

Returning to Bo and Hades, Bo is holding her ground as Hades continues to use his powers against Bo. Bo then raises her own hand, placing it to block Hades’ powers and, instead of being the blue of Hades, it is a purple colour. Kenzi tells Lauren: “Okay! It just got Sailor Moon out there!” When Lauren asks what’s going on, Kenzi adds: “Bo’s giving the best HJ of her life!” Bo and Hades are seen again, their powers pushing against each other. Hades tells Bo: “You’re dying Bo. I’m killing you. You forced my hand. All because you wouldn’t accept what you truly are… evil.” Bo growls: “You’re right. I am evil, but I am also good, everyone has both… Except for you. That is why you chose Tartarus. It’s empty. It’s hollow.” Hades replies: “You were created in the image of Hades. We are the same.” Bo tells Hades, pointedly: “You may have created me. But you never gave a shit about me and that’s where we differ. See, unlike you, I care. I am Trick’s blood too and his love makes me stronger than the evil that consumes you! You will never use me.” As Bo continues to speak, she begins to gain the upper hand in their battle, Hades being pushed back as Bo presses onwards: “You will never control me. I will live the life that I choose!” Bo sighs and smiles: “I love you Dad and I’m going to give it all to you, until the day you die.” Hades falls towards his knees, whispering: “No…” as Bo moves her hand away from Hades’ and then Bo breathes fire towards Hades, causing his body to burn before he vanishes into nothingness. After Hades vanishes, Bo collapses to the pavement from the battle.

Lauren, Kenzi and Tamsin are shown inside the motorhome as Tamsin gives birth, then Bo is shown getting up from the pavement, then standing on top of the motorhome and returning the Chi she had taken from the city back to everyone, human and Fae, the city coming back to life as all are restored. Dyson is shown entering the motorhome with Mark and Vex as Lauren is handing Tamsin her newborn child as Kenzi continues to hold Tamsin’s hand. Bo continues to stand on the roof of the motorhome, sending the Chi back where it belongs, the last of the Chi being returned to the Fae Elders and the others in the street around the motorhome.

Back inside the motorhome, Lauren places Tamsin’s child beside her, Tamsin smiling and whispering: “Hi… I’m your momma…” Vex and Mark exit the motorhome and then sit on the rear bumper. Mark tells Vex: “You were pretty amazing.” Vex smiles: “Yeah. I suppose I was, wasn’t I? You weren’t too bad yourself. Hey, I heard you shifted.” Mark nods: “Yeah.” Vex asks: “So, have you chosen? You know, Light, Dark?” Mark answers: “No and I don’t think I ever will.” Vex chuckles, then Mark continues: “I have made one choice though.” Mark then offers his hand to Vex and Vex intertwines his fingers with Mark’s as Bo continues to stand on the roof and completes sending the Chi back where it belongs, ending with a smile as she finishes.

Inside the motorhome, Kenzi and Lauren are still with Tamsin, both looking concerned as Dyson stands nearby. Bo rushes in and Kenzi tells her: “Ten fingers. Ten toes. Healthy through and through.” Dyson whispers: “Same can’t be said for Tamsin.” Lauren tells Bo: “Her vitals are dropping. She’s fighting just to stay alive.” Bo walks towards Lauren, Kenzi and Tamsin, then whispers: “All Valkyrie die in childbirth.” Kenzi places her hand against Tamsin’s cheek and Tamsin nuzzles there with a sigh. Tamsin looks at Kenzi, smiling and Kenzi tries to smile back, squeezing Tamsin’s hand before moving away along with Lauren who tells Bo: “She’s been asking to say goodbye to you.” Bo then comes close to Tamsin and whispers: I’m going to save you okay? I’m gonna breath Chi into you.” Tamsin shakes her head: “No. It’s my time.” Bo begs Tamsin: “Please. Stay here.”, but Tamsin explains: “I will be here. Through my daughter. She’s my legacy Bo. You look after her okay?” Bo nods: “I promise that I will do everything to protect her.” Tamsin touches Bo’s cheek as she starts to cry, telling Bo: “Don’t cry for me. For Valkyries in our last life, it’s not called dying… It’s called rising.” Tamsin then guides Bo closer to her and to her child before whispering: “Dagny.” Bo moves back slightly as Tamsin holds Dagny, taking her final breath and passes on. Bo is shown with Tamsin, Dyson holding Lauren and Kenzi, the three watching from afar. Then a burst of light forms within Tamsin’s body as it turns into a stream of light that rises from where Tamsin laid, out through a window and into the sky. Outside of the motorhome, a ghost-like being of light, shaped like an Angel, hovers outside before soaring into the sky and disappearing from view. Inside the motorhome, Bo watches as a single white feather flutters down in front of her, the feather alighting upon Dagny’s wrap as she sleeps.

The next scene begins an unknown time after the events of Bo’s battle with Hades. Bo is seen buckling Dagny into a babyseat, Dagny being somewhat older than a newborn, as she sits in the backseat of a car. Bo sighs: “You have your momma’s eyes. She was the strongest person that I ever met. You’re my sister and I have to protect you. But right now, I have work to do. Dangerous work and that’s why this is for the best okay? Even though I can’t take care of you right now, I’ll watch over you. We all will. I promise you will not grow up a lost girl.” Bo then kisses Dagny before leaving the car and closing the door as she does so.

Kenzi is seen laying on the hood and windshield of the car as Bo walks to her. After sliding off the hood, Kenzi smiles: “Precious cargo.” Bo asks: “Take care of her. And take care of yourself.” Kenzi tells Bo: “You know, I never lost faith in you. Even when I almost did… I didn’t. I love you.” Bo takes Kenzi’s hands and replies: “You’re my heart Kenzi.” Kenzi whispers: “Yeah.” and then they embrace. After a long silence, Kenzi smiles and comments: “Tearful goodbyes are so last season.” Kenzi then kisses Bo on the cheek before getting into the car and driving away as Bo watches.

Lauren is then shown sitting on the hood of Bo’s car, Bo joining her there, still watching Kenzi drive away for a moment before tapping the hood and commenting: “Hades gone. Baby safe. Future completely uncertain.” Lauren replies: “Not completely.” Lauren then tells Bo: “I, human, Lauren Lewis, want to spend the rest of my life with you, Succubus, Bo Dennis.” Bo asks: “I always thought that because of who I am that I couldn’t have a relationship, let alone with a human… and then I met you… and you broke my heart…” Lauren sighs: “A mistake I made twice and one that I would never make again.” Bo tells Lauren: “We are messy, we’re complicated, that hasn’t changed.” Lauren nods: “I know. And I hope that it never does. Do you think we can do this?” Bo is silent for a moment, then smiles: “I do.” There is another short awkward moment and then the two kiss as Dyson is seen walking out from the brush nearby, putting his shirt on as he does so.

When Bo hears Dyson’s footsteps she pulls a knife on him, then sighs in relief as Dyson comments: “Easy killer.” Then, when Bo puts the knife down, Dyson continues: “Kenzi’s obeying the speed limit. No texting and driving. Little singing and eating. They’re safe.” Lauren tells Bo: “Well, she is in very good hands.” Bo nods: “The best.” Dyson then asks: “So, are you ever going to tell her who her father was?” Bo replies: “You mean who he still is?”

The scene shifts to Kenzi driving, Dagny in the back seat, as Bo continues to speak: “Just because he’s gone doesn’t mean he’s still not out there. Waiting. Watching.” As the shot focuses on Dagny, Bo adds: “Evil never dies.”

After the final commercial break, two young female teenagers are seen kissing in a car in an echo of Bo’s first encounter with her Succubus nature. They stop kissing when one of them, in the passenger seat, pulls away slightly. The other asks what’s wrong and the first replies: “Nothing.” The second asks: “Are you sure? You don’t have to do this okay?” As they continue to talk, someone walks towards the car out of the fog that surrounds it, the first replies: “No. It’s okay. I want to.” The two return to kissing as the figure outside of the car comes closer and then the first moves away againn, muttering: What the hell?” There is a tap at the window and Mark is seen outside of the car, wearing a police patrolman’s figure and informs them: “Sorry to break up the party. You’re going to have to come with me.” as he trains his flashlight on the girl in the passenger seat.

Mark leads the girl into the Dal Riata, who is soon to be revealed as being Dagny (Olivia Scriven). As they enter, Mark walks over to Vex and takes a seat beside him, Vex commenting: “She has no idea what she is in for, does she?” Vex chuckling for a moment afterwards.

Dagny looks around the room, then walks up to the bar and asks: “Beer me. Please?” Dyson is revealed to be tending bar and he replies: “You’re underage.” Dyson then pulls Trick’s ledger of Fae names across the bar and places it in front of Dagny, asking: “But, what you can do, is sign this.” Dagny nods: “Right. The ledger. So what’s next? Choose if I am Light or Dark?” Dyson replies: “Not in this colony. We’re fighting to change some old rules.”

Lauren walks up and pokes Dagny with a needle, taking a sample from her and commenting: “So that one day, no Fae will ever have to choose. Anywhere. Now that you’ve hit Fae puberty, I’ll do another work up.” Lauren looks at Dyson adding: “She’s still accelerating into adulthood at an accelerated rate like her mom.” Dyson smiles: “You probably don’t remember us, but we’ve all been watching out for you since you were little.” Dagny whispers: “Kenzi told me this day would come.” Dagny then looks around the room, pointing as she does so: “The Mesmer. The wolf. The rookie. The doctor. Wait. There’s one missing.”

Bo enters the room and walks up to Dagny: “Hi Dagny.” Dagny turns to look at Bo and then whispers: “God you’re beautiful.” Lauren chuckles: “Famous words to a Succubus.” Bo explains: “The last thing your mother said to me was your name. It means ‘New Day’. It’s been hard watching my little sister grow up from a distance, but Kenzi kept you safe among humans. Until now.

Dagny opens her jacket and reveals that Hades’ handprint is glowing on her chest and asks: “What is this?” Bo sighs: “Evil. I don’t know how, and I don’t know when, but it’s coming for you.” Dagny asks: “What happens then?” Bo, Lauren and Dyson are seen standing together, then Bo smiles: “We’ll be ready.”

The final image of the episode, and the series, is a closeup of Bo, smiling, confidently.


Fade to black…


I’m so very torn over this episode in a lot of ways. The main one being Tamsin’s passing and how, overall, that really doesn’t sit well with me. I dislike endings where characters are killed off simply because they can be. While this beings Tamsin’s arc to a close, there’s a certain melancholy in what happened. With all that Bo and her family saved, there has to be a cost and I understand that. If nothing else, the moments with Tamsin and her baby were, emotionally, the strongest of the episode and I am glad that she had that.

I wanted to be kept on the edge of my chair, to keep from throwing popcorn as much as possible. There was, again, so much wasted time in this episode. Watching Bo feed at the beginning. Watching Bo give back the Chi at the end, to a soundtrack no less, was time not put to good use. I think there was probably a good five minutes lost in just waiting for that to pass before the episode continued. Too many starts and stops and it needed to flow, or at least move without the intermissions.

Two parts of the episode bothered me the most. The first, and more telling, was Bo’s collapse when Hades played on her emotions. That was, overall, cheap. It felt contrived, odd, and didn’t seem like how Bo would be overcome. I honestly expected something more like Bo trying to overcome Hades by feeding on his Chi, then going Dark because she couldn’t handle it. That would have worked, made sense and it would have been better than hearing Hades go over Bo’s life, her mistakes, and the things others have done. She’s been through this, she knows her faults. There was no good reason for Hades to overcome Bo as he did.

The second was Kenzi and Bo talking about Kenzi being Bo’s Heart. I had to grit my teeth when Kenzi stood on the roof and tried talking to Bo. It wasn’t really Kenzi, it was sort-of Kenzi. There were words, but whomever wrote them didn’t have a grasp of who Kenzi is. It was like a fill in the blank series of words spit out with no meaning or purpose. Previously in the series, Kenzi, as Bo’s Heart, spoke in her own voice with a certain power and truth. She wasn’t quite that here.

Vex has his moments, really I adored them as a whole. Lauren sort of did, the same with Dyson. Really there needed to be more focus on the family as a whole, rather than the time spent fighting in the streets, driving around, or just watching Bo feed. Bo’s story is about her family. The one that matters. That needed to be more of a core plot than it was.

The problem with this episode seems like it was meant to be a two-parter. There’s a point at which you can see it would be a good place to stop and then start again with the second half. But as there isn’t a sixth season, everything gets smashed together, run over, and merged into what tries to be a cohesive plot and I can’t say that it succeeds. Looking at the episode credits, they seem to indicate that there were scenes cut out, as Hades’ human followers are credited in the episode. I’d like to know what that was about. Perhaps it was part of what pushed Bo over the edge and then, if barely, the events on the altar would make more sense.

The ending tried to tie up some loose ends, but didn’t manage that well. That last scene at the Dal Riata was unnecessary. The series could have closed on Kenzi driving off, Lauren, Bo and Dyson talking and the final image being of Tamsin’s child in the car. That would have been fine, we know what might be next and so that was an okay place to be. Having Dagny appear, fully grown, and then have everyone at the Dal Riata save for Kenzi was distasteful. Past that, why not give a little nod to Trick somewhere at the end, perhaps have Evony in the background? Something that had them there, if not active in the scene.

I really wanted this to be something that closed the series well. It does and yet it doesn’t. That seems like a hallmark of the series in the last season. Almost getting there, but missing at the last moment. I wish there was a sixth season if for no other reason than to answer all of the questions that never were.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… I didn’t particular enjoy seeing Bo turn backwards when she lost herself. By that I mean, at least the way I saw it, she was more of an addict to the Chi she had consumed and was willing to do anything to get more. That said, once the episode came to a head, when Bo confronted Hades, that felt a lot more like the Bo we’ve seen in the series and that I think was some of the best we’ve seen from Bo for a long time. Still, the means to Bo’s failing at first didn’t quite work for me. Still, that is what happened and so it will be.

Dyson…If nothing else happened in this episode, he took charge of the situation, and had a goal in mind. Yes there was that one scene where Kenzi lost it and Dyson was being an ass, but overall I was reasonable okay with him. Bartender Dyson would be something I’d like to know mor about as, honestly, Dyson’s never been “talk to me buddy” material. But he could be.

Kenzi. The one part of this episode that I couldn’t take with Kenzi was she talking to Bo on the roof of the motorhome. Yes, it was Kenzi, but the words didn’t really have the right “Kenzi-isms” to them. It was more a stream of consciousness thing and it felt wrong. The better moments were Kenzi with Tamsin, helping her when Tamsin was giving birth. The other moment that I couldn’t stop laughing over was Kenzi looking through Vex’s things and coming up with china. I really liked that because that was Kenzi, snark and all. Kenzi line of the week: “Who needs weapons when you’ve got mascara and heels?”

Lauren. While Lauren was in the episode, she really wasn’t “in” the episode save for her reconciling her relationship with Bo at the end. It was sweet and very true, which left me with the oddest feeling. Seeing Lauren completely at a loss, unable to help, showed a little of how that hurt and how desperate she was to be useful. Her one chiding remark to Tamsin about what it means to be a warrior I think was telling too.

Tamsin: Tamsin was stealing the scenes in this episode. I didn’t like how her arc ended, though it was clear it was going to somehow this way. I am okay with the idea of her being an angel of some kind, there’s a poetic justice to that. Still, it would have been nice for her to still be there.

Vex. It’s been quite some time since Vex has been on screen long enough to add things to his character. We learned, overall, more about Vex in this episode that just about every other one before. It’s the minutia about him that I adored, but also to see him have a purpose, a reason for not simply being, but mattering.

Mark. I cringed when he asked who Jerry Garcia was, but honestly, that one line was probably the best one he’s had in the series and that’s saying something. The idea of him, at the very end, being a rookie cop, I think makes sense, but then the question is if he admits that Dyson is his father to others or not? I like to think he would.

Hades. Burnt Toast. The problem was getting there. He didn’t change much over the episode, being rather single minded and not able to think outside of the box. All things considered, as a threat to Bo, he was more a mental one than a physical one. While that was used well by him, I can think of better ways to “turn” Bo. the simplest being, have Bo feed on Hades. That alone would have made more sense and been more threatening. The problem with having plans within plans is that at some point a plan will not work and then they all fall down.

Dagny. There’s a certain amount of Tamsin in her, perhaps that little smile. And I will admit that I laughed when she saw Bo and what she said in that moment. She’s not exactly a lost girl, but she hasn’t begun her story. If there was a sixth season, I’m sure she’d be in the fore of it. She is Tamsin’s legacy and I can see that in her. So, for that, I did like her.

And those where the characters in the episode really. I wish, as a whole, there would have been more time spent in closing threads and telling the story than in fighting and watching Bo breathe Chi so often…


My Review of Rise

Keeping my interest – 4 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 3 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 3 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.6 Pitchforks out of 5


Really there was no other choice but to watch the episode and pay attention. While that’s mainly because of it being the last in the series, there were moments that you couldn’t turn away from. Tamsin’s death scene for one was stunningly well done, really the single most important moment in the episode by far. The face-off between Bo and Kenzi had it’s moments, but the words didn’t keep me like they should have. Bo’s fight with Hades worked, but fell too short. Vex’s motorhome and his commentary was amazing, and then there is Bruce. That was the most lovely touch of all.

Really the entire episode focused on Bo being a Succubus, what she could do, what it meant to her past, present and future. It was at the core of the episode and that’s been a long time since that’s happened to the extent it was here. But while there was some Succubus Bo present, the story didn’t delve into that too much. There was more focus on Bo being “dark” and not so much about Bo being “true” save for the very last when she found that. Bo can’t ignore being a Succubus, but the series seemed to for far too long and then raced to get back to that question.

The altar in Hades’ condo, the carving of the Pyrippus, I think was well done. The “disaster” scenes seemed to be a little flat, needing something to make them more, but didn’t come. The motorhome, by far, was perfect. It was everything I could have hoped for all things considered. As an aside, when I was doing my stakeouts of the series, I managed to encounter that motorhome on the last day of shooting, actually driving behind it as it left the location and the Lost Girl sets. Would have been neat to have gotten inside. Some of Bo’s outfits were some of the best she’s been in, though that Pyrippus getup was going a little too over the edge into “obviously evil” for my liking.

Storyline wise, the telling one was Tamsin’s. Bo’s was okay, not unexpected as a while, but Tamsin’s was a lot more fulfilling and meant something. Bo’s was lost, quite a lot, and didn’t come to a focus until the very end where it suddenly found itself. Even if there was far too much of Bo standing and sucking a lot. There was a small arc for Vex, the closing of the Hades arc as well. There was even some closure to Lauren and Dyson’s relationship with Bo. This was all good, but there was a lot of wasted time getting there.

Overall there was some closure for the character arcs, a few doors left open for the story to continues as well. Tamsin’s story, obviously, closed, as did Hades’ as well. Bo’s came to a focal point, but then lost some of that focus afterwards. Lauren and Dyson didn’t so much answer the questions, but instead pushed them to the future. Vex I think had the most development, most focus, and it really was about time.

There wasn’t much added to the mythos as everything has been set up in the previous episode. Still, the last few pieces dropped into place, though they weren’t unexpected, or unique. Of course, there is the question of what really happened to Hades, what will be Dagny’s future and so on. Setting up for Lost Girl: The Next Generation is fine, I understand why. But really more about the why of the episode, how it happened and what did happen to the entire city would have been good as well.

The final episode of the series is better than average, but should have been a lot more than it is. Telling a story is first, all else needs to come after. It kind of went in reverse I think more often than it should have.


Next Week: Nothing. All Done.

Lost Girl comes to a close, the series is over, the crew is departed, the actors and actresses are off on other projects. The Dal Riata is gone, the sets are no more. The offices are dark, silent, waiting for… something. The fans smile at the memories, the friends made, the stories told. The page is turned on the first Succubus television series…


At this point I would wondering about the next episode, thinking over what might go right, or wrong. Of course, there’s little point in doing so, there won’t be another episode of Lost Girl to watch, to throw popcorn at on occasion. The series is over, the story, at least the one that is the official one, is complete.

But I find myself wanting to talk about a rather wide number of things nonetheless.

Not so much about what a sixth season might have been like, though that is something I have been pondering. Really the things I wonder about are some of the themes, the characters, the questions left unanswered, so often in the series.

It’s interesting to ponder that sort of thing, to express what might have been, or should have been, like for example showing Bo with horns… once. Just… once. But that’s a rant that will be for another day I think. But there will be one.

I wonder about Evony, Vex. I think about what it would have been like for Trick to be reunited with his wife, if only for a moment. I consider the idea of Kenzi being a succubus, just never showing that to anyone. I wonder what Bruce has been doing. The question of what if the series had taken a slightly different turn, perhaps gotten away from the Fae of the Week and become more involved in the overall plot arcs more. Really, there are a lot of things to think about and try to put into terms that, at least for me, make some sense or, possibly, turn the series in a direction that would have been interesting to see unfold.

I think, over some time I expect, I will be returning to Lost Girl and wondering about things. I certainly want to write some stories set in the Lost Girl universe, like I have done once before here on the Tale. I want to talk about the characters and try to, in a reasonable fashion, take them from where the series ended to were it might have gone.

To be clear, there isn’t going to be a deadline I set for myself on this project, when the mood strikes me, I’ll write something about… something. Whether that is a story, opinion, or otherwise, we’ll have to see I suppose. I do know one thing… It will take me years and even then I won’t likely be done with it.

But there is one thought to begin with I think and I will close out this review of the series finale with it.

One of the themes that has been present in the series from Day One was that of family. The idea that who you are comes partly from where you came from, partly from who you surround yourself with, and for the last, partly in what you think of that and how it effects you.

It can something that can make you crazy, strong, or place you at a loss when you can’t work out in your mind what it all means. The thing about the series, with regards to family, is when they focused on that theme, told that story, the series was very good. When it was pushed to the background, for whatever reason, then the series seemed to lose something important.

In the moments where Bo watched her family come apart, whether by her own actions, those of others, or a series of mistakes and errors that happened far too often, she should have known one thing. As much as things were hard to deal with, to survive, to face, her family, her real family, the ones that had been with her, weren’t about to abandon her.

And that’s the thing that Bo seemed to forget in the series much too often. It seemed that when things got pushed a little far, her inner strength evaporated and she lost her way. While that sort of worked for the series a little, I don’t feel like it was true to the character herself. The series finale put that out very strongly and it was, overall, the one part of the episode were I rolled my eyes and threw popcorn.

Bo had been through all of her doubts, faced her fears, knew, fully, that Trick loved her, Kenzi loves her, Lauren loves her, Dyson loves her. It was clear, and more telling, Bo had expressed this knowledge prior to Hades going and poking Bo’s state of mind. Further, Bo knew what he was doing and yet, with one comment Bo caved in and turned “evil”.

And I’m not even starting to talk about Bo’s heart, which will, I promise, be an amazingly long rant, followed by a story.

Suspending one’s belief is possible, but it isn’t so much when that comes headlong with a rational that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Bo knows that family matters, she knows that no matter what, they have her back. She should have known that and not needed to feed on their Chi to be reminded of it. Doubt is a powerful thing, there’s no question. But a family you love and are loved in return in stronger still.

So this ends the series, my reviews at least, for the moment.

But there’s always tomorrow and the tomorrows to be.

To the series, the actors and actresses, the crew, and everyone involved, thank you for five years of something I never expected to see. A Succubus on television that was positive in so many ways.

I just wish, just once, she would have shown her horns…





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    • James on November 1, 2015 at 1:59 am

    And, somewhere out there, the world throwing popcorn crops are beginning their slow recovery . . . even as the price drops out from the market.

    As I look back on this series, having read every one of Your Majesty’s reviews, may I humbly suggest that you never saw Bo’s horns because she was never truly a succubus. The writers and producers kept holding out that promise to Your Majesty and other fans that there was going to be a story of a succubus, that they would live into it. Each season, they danced close enough to that promise to keep you there, because hope is so much a part of who Your Majesty is.

    And it’s not just that Bo wasn’t your vision of a succubus. She wasn’t anybody’s vision of a succubus. The writers lacked either a vision or a follow-through plan, and they defaulted to Buffy-with-no-underage-characters-and-more-sexual-variations.

    This isn’t the end of the first succubus TV series. The first real succubus TV series has yet to begin . . .

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    • pocong on November 4, 2015 at 10:59 pm

    I don’t think this was originally supposed to be series finale. It’s pretty clear we were supposed to move into a new arc with Tasmin’s daughter as new character before the network pulled the plug on this show. I think the saddest part is that your complaint about Bo not getting much focus is kind of an overall issue with Lost Girl. Bo almost seems like a side character in her own series.

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    • TeraS on January 25, 2016 at 11:25 pm

    So long as it doesn’t appear on Fox…


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