A Review of The Magic Corset by Alina X

The Magic Corset by Alina X

The Magic Corset by Alina X

A review of an anthology work today. There are very few writers that can tell stories about transformations, changes and magic well. Part of that is trying to tell the story about what happens in a way that doesn’t seem like the author is “telling” the reader what is happening but instead allowing the imagination to “show” what is happening.

Teasing the imagination, making the reader put themselves into the story and wondering, fantasizing about the “what if’s” and “what would I have done” moments makes connections to the story better, and that is a very special ability for a writer to have.

  • Title: The Magic Corset
  • Author: Alina X
  • Length: 49 Pages
  • ASIN: B00NJ02ETI
  • Publishing Date: September 11, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

This anthology contains the following works:

A living sex doll, an enchanted garden, a succubus with a bite, and more tentacles than you can shake a stick at. Four erotic stories with paranormal twists from the dubious depths of Alina X’s imagination.

  • The Magic Corset: A year after her husband’s death, Amy finds a parcel addressed to her. Inside is a beautiful corset, and leather boots and gloves. Wearing them excites her, drives her to find a man to satisfy her. But it is a magic corset, and once worn can never be removed. Caught in its embrace, Amy’s lust burns hotter and hotter, even as a strange paralysis grips her – and soon she is as helpless as she is horny.
  • The Garden and You: You escape the modern world and become a solitary gardener at an ancient and neglected mansion, but there is something strange about this garden.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Three young men summon a succubus to live out their dirtiest fantasy, but the beautiful demon they trap in their circle isn’t the most submissive of creatures.
  • Taken by the Sea Serpent: Andromeda is taken by the great sea serpent to a peaceful valley where she is transformed into a sea creature and must live in symbiosis with tentacle plants.

As I normally do with anthology works, I will be reviewing the Succubus story on its own and then I will review the entire work as a whole.

Three foolish mortals summon a succubus, intending for her to do as they command. However, playing games with a succubus means that your rules are not hers and if you do not accept that, then the succubus has the upper hand from the first deal and then you should… Be Careful What You Wish For.

The succubus story is quite a bit different from the balance of the collection in that the story isn’t one of transformation or similar themes, but rather the way in which succubi know what others desire and use that to their own end and benefit. The succubus herself is never named, but considering that the three that summon her do not treat her as a person, rather a thing to be played with, that does fit with the story. The succubus physically has hooves and some of the features of succubi that I do not personally like, though there are some aspects of her physical form and personality that I did enjoy quite a lot.

It is very clear from the first words she speaks that she is intelligent, she knows the rules she is dealing with and more importantly, she knows how to use them and those around her to her advantage. There is quite a bit of verbal wordplay between the succubus and the mortals that are trying to trap her. I found that done in a deliciously diverting manner that ensnares them and draws them into her clutches. There is even a hint of some light succubus mind control and other powers being used which all work really well and heat up the story in a lot of ways.

The work is a slightly longer hot flash piece of erotica, not the longest in the work by far, but there is quite a lot of character development and story leading up to the erotica itself. Some of the erotica is quite violent and that didn’t do much for me, but as a whole I liked the majority of what happened.

But really the main thing for me was the power of the succubus herself, how she wields that power and what she is capable of doing. The story is short and ends at a point where I would have liked to see what comes next, but doesn’t. It is one of those stories where I wonder about what the Succubus will do and what the fates will bring.

For this story…. Four out of five pitchforks.

The balance of the collection are a series of transformational stories as a whole and what those transformations do to the main characters of each story. A theme that runs through most of them is a good, wanted thing which then gets turned inside out and upside down. A twist in the story that reveals that things aren’t quite as they seemed to be, sometimes with decidedly poor results for characters in the stories.

The single work in the collection that I enjoyed the most was the first, The Magic Corset. The story is simply very hot and for those that enjoy freeze stories or mannequin and similar works it pushes all of the right buttons with the additional touch of a bit of a clothing fetish that is described in wonderful detail. The erotica is very hot, sexy, and there are moments that are squirmingly erotic and enjoyable. There is a twist, a rather surprising one that dims the passion and heat very much but nonetheless a very enjoyable story by far.

The other two stories really didn’t do as much for me however. Partly for one being very short and a bit on the horror side of things that i didn’t like very much, the other simply for the subject matter and that I felt somewhat disconnected from the story for some reason.

Overall, the collection is well written, the heat in the stories runs to a wide range of tastes and I think that it would appeal to many erotica readers in many ways. I do think that the author should think about taking some of these stories and expanding them into their own larger works, there is more than enough within them to make that happen and it would be interesting to see where things go from where they end here.

For the collection as a whole, three and a half out of five pitchforks.

An interesting collection of erotica that runs a bit hot and cold, but tells good stories and has heat to make them come to life.




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    • James on October 9, 2015 at 12:28 pm

    One wonders, sometimes, when reading such an anthology, whether the author had a fantastic first idea, and maybe even a second one . . . and then needed to fill out the work. It’s kind of like some Mel Brooks movies (see “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”), where Mr. Brooks clearly had a fantastic notion for a hilarious musical production number, then needed a movie to give him an excuse to film the song.

    As for “Be Careful What You Wish For,” it seems to me that a short story that leaves one imagining many possible ways to continue is pretty great.

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    • Frank on October 15, 2015 at 7:26 am

    Alina says: ‘The common theme there is that humans are helpless in the face of supernatural forces – which is not to say they don’t enjoy the loss of control. The succubus in Be Careful What You Wish For is put in the position of a victim, but she is always in control.’

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    • pocong on October 21, 2015 at 2:10 am

    Wow, that Sea Serpent one really threw me for loop. That’s a bit out there, even by Greek Mythology standards. Still, at least the succubus story turned out well. It’s something to keep in mind; when you wish on a Succubus she wishes on you

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