Oct 07 2015

I’ll admit that this costume is just interesting enough

Lip Service Devil CorsetIt’s October which means of course that Halloween is around the corner and speeding towards us at high speed and then some… I do think about dressing up a bit more “flashy” than I normally do from time to time, but then the question is… can that be done without looking tacky? Sometimes… mebby?

This is called the Lip Service Devil Corset Dress and it comes with the dress, the dress with lace-up back and vinyl flame details, vinyl horns and vinyl choker. It does not come with the stockings or shoes and it sells for $35 on most sites that I have found this on.

I actually like this more than I think I should… and I’m not exactly sure why that is. It think, more than anything, it’s how the entire thing including the shoes and stockings work together. There’s also a neat little touch which isn’t seen in this image of the costume. The lacing for the corset has little devil tails on the ends and… I think that really looks cute.

I also think I have to give points to the company selling this costume in that they managed to find a model that actually looks good in the costume for one thing, and that her makeup and expression really “sells” this idea for another. They also didn’t fall into the trap of adding silly accessories that make things look cheaper as well.

Pondering about this costume a little further I think that what I really like is how it is presented here. By keeping things as simple as possible and trying to add to the look of the costume in a way that enhances things… makes it look “right” more than anything else.

As a bit of a lark, I ordered this costume in the middle of September, stockings, shoes and all, and it cost $91 plus shipping. I likely won’t be wearing this for Halloween, those that know why… know why. But I think I might try it out on my Eternal and see what he thinks about it…

I’ll give this four out of five pitchforks.

I hope for the best and I think, for once, I won’t be too disappointed really…



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