Oct 03 2015

A comparison of Succubus colouring

A YouTube today of an artist colouring another artist’s line art that I thought was interesting, and rather informative for me at least. What’s more interesting is that they also linked to the original colours and I think that comparison is something to ponder over…

And if you cannot see the video here, please try this link:


Here are the two works of art to compare, the original is on the left and the one in the video is on the right.

You can find the original work here on DeviantArt, and the second work can be found on DeviantArt here.

I have to admit that I am rather torn between the two versions of this art. While the original has a lovely mood to it, the second work I like for the striking colours. I think that the darker colours mute the art itself a bit, almost hiding some of the art in the shadows. I wonder about merging the two ideas: Dark background and light succubus herself. It might be a better look but I’m not really sure…

But as I said, I really don’t know which version I like better as they both, in their own ways, appeal to me… Indecision is a lovely thing isn’t it?




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    I am also torn. Each artwork speaks to me in a different way, each with its own, equal power. Together, they seem to tell the story of two sisters, or two succubi with similar roles in different worlds, maybe even two versions of the same succubus from parallel universes. The story of how they are drawn together, and why, and what happens . . . if I had the chance to tell that story with someone, it could make for many wonderful, warm nights by a fire . . .

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    I like the original a little more because of that cool Sun motif that Rebecca Cablah put behind the Succubus. It really lends a sense of divinity and grace to her that I feel is lost in the re-coloring. The original almost feels like it could be a mural in some strange temple dedicated to her.

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    I think the story to be told would be wonderful…


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